Bossing and trash-mob combat

In my opinion what makes souls-like game fun is killing bosses, but I felt that the game skewed the other way, where you end up fighting far more trash mobs than bosses.

That was disappointing sometimes. I was hoping to fight a cool mini-boss or two on the way to the boss, or that each room in the crucible would have one. In general I’m not sure how I feel about the 1 v 3 fights in this game, it feels like the only correct way to play is to one shot or dodge over and over and only do one hit every 3 seconds. Not being able to chain attacks or do anything other than that dodge dodge hit pattern was less satisfying. I think it would be a good change if the mobs had deadlier attacks with longer windups that left them vulnerable for longer, to allow you to unleash and break away from that dodge hit gameplay.

Still I really enjoyed the game, particularly the first two bosses, and I’m looking forward to the full release.