Enchantments and infusing

These systems need a lot of love.

Starting with enchantments. I think there should be an option to either go for cursed version or a blue version of an item. Right now it’s simply a not very fun lottery. When it comes to actual perks, I assume following gets decided at random:

  • number of bonus lines
  • types of bonuses (e.g. +HP, +Stamina regen and so on)
  • value for each bonus (e.g. +10% HP vs +20% HP)

Given that there’s so many variables it’s next to impossible get anything interesing so it would be great if there was an option to curate all these aspects. So let’s say you want to get more bonus lines on a piece of gear and for that you just add a special item during enchantment (Items like these could be obtained from bosses or crucible). Would be great to have similar type of curation for other two variables. For example Desteny 2 had similar system in season of opulence where you could drasitally narrow pool of perks you’re rolling from so you could get decent gear more often than not and after some farm it was possible to get best in slot gear.

Now the cursed negatives - gold/exp loss on taking damage is straight up canser. It is not fun and there’s no positive bonus that could outweight these negatives, please remove these.

Now infusing. If I understood it correctly, when you insert gems there’s range to the resulting value that gets decided at random. That being said, it is extremely odd that you have only one attempt per gear piece. I think it would be resonable to infuse the same piece of gear as many times as you want. You’re already paying for it by discarding previous infusion attempts, materials and all.

PS with all these systems in mind if you want a decent piece of gear you need to do a lot of enchantments and infusing, so the most realistic source of gear pieces for it is buying them from merchant. However there’s a gotcha. When you buy a piece of armor from merchant its armor stat can vary in a pretty wide range. Given the layers of random that come after it, I don’t understand why this is needed at all.


I found it to be very odd when I first got two of the same items and their status were different, maybe having the same status for common weapons would be better so I could customize it from a base preset, and then enchanted weapon having these changes in focus gain, damage and stamina cost.
And for Infusion I got some ideas, tell me what you think:

  • Gems types should have the same kind of effect on different items, right now the ruby is both a health and fire gem, it should be only one of them and have another gem the other effect.
  • The gems random potency not be set on the item and yes each time the effect takes place, like on diablo II the additional damage was random per hit(I like this one, feels good to get a good damage roll)
  • Being able to remove the gem to insert a new one, maybe a few coins or just by breaking the gem.
  • Having less percentage base bonus, since the game works in low values, like 11% vs 15% of the 50 hp is not a big difference.
  • Maximizing the gems effects or upgrading it would be cool, having to make a new weapon every time till I make the best one is slow and very costly

I don’t agree with removing the gold/exp loss on damage. It forces you to improve playing if you want to use a cursed weapon or armor. But I agree that the pros are not enough to motivate you to use the weapon. Maybe improve a little the pros of the cursed weapons.

maybe tiers of debuffs give extra value to buffs?

I agree with most u said.

I am not sure about these. exp one is geat for when you reach max level, but its still a shitty curse.

I would also like to see disenchanting, making an item go back to its base common white state, where you cna encahnt it again.

I’d also like to see some way to destroy or overwrite a gem that’s in an item. It sucks to invest a bunch of stuff into making an item, only for it to get wasted because you got a terrible roll on one of the gems. Normally it wouldn’t be much of an issue, but the ranges on how much the benefit can vary are quite large, like how the damage gems can grant a boost between 7 and 15%.