Dodging Issues (1 of them a bug)

So I have 2 issues with dodging in this game. First one is MAJOR BUG that got me killed more times than I care to count. Once every now and then, my character randomly doesn’t dodge after I press the button (and yes, I have plenty of stamina). I don’t need to explain to you how crucial it is for your character to dodge 100% of the time when they are prompted to! When it does dodge, however… I can’t help but notice a small delay between pressing the button and my character beginning to perform the animation. I’m not sure if this is an intentional design choice, but I am not a fan! Make it instant! Like in other Souls titles.


Sometimes you can’t dodge because you’re still in an animation, or, when you appear to be standing there, it seems like some sort of stun effect.

I don’t know if you thought about these two things yet, but just fyi.

Definitely need to dodge when you push the button, for sure.

Been doing some testing, with daggers, claymore and S&B. Light, Medium and Heavy equipment and I can’t quite replicate your problem. The dodge IS instant. There is a bit of animation to it but it’s instant. Are you sure it’s not just some latency issue on your end?
Are you playing with KB &M or controller?

Don’t think that’s it. Sometimes I’m literally just circling the enemy. Waiting for them to attack. And when they they do, I obviously get hit cause the dodge didn’t register

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Yeah wow. I won’t deny what you’re saying. But there’s DEFINITELY a delay. I tried Elden Ring to determine if it’s a delay from my end, and nope. Instant in ER. So I dunno what’s going on.

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I am playing with KBM and sometimes, the dodge wont trigger on a single spacebar press. I was just circling an enemy in open space with full stamina and doing nothing more than holding one direction button. And when i hit space to dodge, nothing happens.
I dont know why, if its some bug or KBM issue, but this happens sometimes.

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I experience the same issue of dodge not registering occasionally. Both on my PC with xbox controller and on Steamdeck.

I also feel the delay to dodge, which I assume is due to the game waiting a tick to see if the button is held rather than pressed, in order to start running. I think run needs to be moved off the dodge button to remove the delay. I can hear the button click and then see the animation start, rather than the noise and animation start at the same time.


I got this issue with claymore, and some monster have like bluetooth hitbox hahaha