Please make dodge be used on key press, not key release

Skill issue of course, but dodging feels unresponsive as it doesn’t happen when I press the key to dodge. And if I hold it in a little bit too long, he just thrusts his shoulders forward a bit instead of dodging at all. I don’t know what else you are intending to use spacebar for, but dodge, should only be dodge, and should be used on press.


Strongly agree with this. Btw the weird shoulder thrusts seems to be the starting animation of running.

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THIS, who the f***** in the dev team had the idea to put dodge on the release of the button instead of pressing…ESPECIALLY IN A PIXEL FRAME PERFECT SOUL LIKE GAME !!!

Calm down lol, they’re primarily console devs from what I’ve understood. So a bit of kbm control scheme issues can be excused, and it’s early access for a reason :wink:

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Also, if anyone wants it, I wrote a little ahk script to fix the issue until they get around to it:

#Requires AutoHotkey v2.0
	Send "{Space down}"
	Sleep 40
	Send "{Space up}"
	KeyWait "Space"

You can play around with sleep timer, but the game will eat the input if down and up key event happen on the same frame.


Exactly this, i beg you please make it on key press rather than release, other souls games only do it on release because they tie the sprint button to the dodge button so it wouldn’t make sense on press but when sprint and dodge are different you don’t need to make it on release

Makes the game feel very unresponsive with dodges

Script works flawlessly, thank you very much

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I thought this happened because run and dodge were bound to the same key, so the system has to wait for key-up to determine how long the key was pressed for before deciding what action to perform.

Or just move Dodge to the B/O button. Would make running, dodging and dodging while running easier.

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This is precisely why it is on release. It has to know if you are holding for sprint or climb or dodging. Way too many inputs to differentiate on a single bind. Moving dodge to the B button works because you are either canceling out in a menu or dodging. Simple solution and would eliminate dodging off a ledge when trying to climb.

Not on kbm it isn’t. Space is only used for dodge and shoulder thrusting if you hold it too long. Sprint is on shift.

Therefore separating it on controller shouldn’t be an issue.

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Which is a tangentially related issue. I just wanted to clarify to EscapedApe that they are not bound to the same key on kbm.


how do i use this script? Where do i add it?

I totally agree, how many times i died uselessly because i hammered the dodge key in time, but “forgot” to leave it in time.
This is infact #3 of all reasons when i die. (#1 Is my own fault, and #2 is “no i dont want to jump down th… nevermind”)