Difficulty: Slider for damage taken?

So of course there are a ton of posts on how difficult the game is and how there should be a difficulty slider. The typical responses are:

“Yes! I’m not into souls-like, but totally want to play the game!”

“NO! The game is meant to be difficult. Git gud nub or go play a different game!”

“No! It would be impossible to implement a difficulty slider!”


So how about this? A slider that only alters the amount of damage taken by the character? No other mechanics would need to change. Want it stock? Leave it at 100% Want “storymode?” drop it down to 10% Want a real challenge? Crank it to 200%.

This would let people drop the difficulty while leaving all other mechanics so they could more readily learn the fight mechanics without having to constantly die and gradually increase the damage taken when they’re comfortable to do so. Don’t want things easier or even want it tougher? Then don’t touch the slider or crank it up.