Cursed Items & Cursed Item Affix Prevelance

Negative affixes otherwise known as ‘cursed’ affixes should always be prevalent or things to be taken into consideration for most builds. Currently there are many that are not this case

Said affixes include; EXP lost on Death, EXP Lost on Hit, Coins Lost on Death
Many of the affixes that cursed gear may roll are way too incredibly unappealing and typically for all types of builds from a progression standpoint, rather than a gameplay one. I believe that rather than giving ‘EXP Lost on Hit’ ‘EXP lost on Death’ (of which become irrelevant once you hit max level) could be instead be reworked to things players gameplay more than just simple debuffs all the time affecting their stats. Especially, negative affixes that don’t become irrelevant at one point in progression, prior examples, which doesn’t work when you hit max level, and for absolute certain reason shouldn’t. They are very boring affixes, and could be much more unique and change the players approach to battle instead, sacrifice some lose some, and always play a role in your approach

Examples of this I have thought of can be rolling can be reduced to a weight class higher despite player weight, or runes can backfire on you (this affix can only be rolled on weapons) and so on. Giving players relevant cursed affixes instead of ones that won’t matter at some point in their playthrough like we have now.

I believe negative affixes affecting EXP loss on death should be entirely removed, these negative affixes on purple items should more or less affect the way you play and approach battles, with repercussions to your gameplay itself, moreso than the punishments when you die. Whether it’s something for example as the chance your runes backfire when casted, your character takes additional fall damage so you have to use less risky exploration tactics when exploring around the map, etc. These are just examples, but I find some to be unappealing to some people just because they affect progression itself instead, and make them not feel very rewarding often. Focus Halved is an amazing example of something we do have for these items.


I agree that some cursed items are almost unplayable and not worth it (like the stamina loss on hit), but I’am playing with a pretty good cursed armor that gives me passive health regeneration which is a pretty huge deal while exploring and taking minor damage in this game I think (about 1 HP/sec, far more then sleeping in a bed lol). And I “only” have the negative affix “EXP loss on death”, which can be painful, but if you know the area and enemies it is unlikely and I rarely use any food now. You could even use an item like this to heal yourself up in town without any danger or something.

But still, I think to fix a really bad cursed item we just need a reroll mechanic or something similar, it still costs gold to enchant an item or reroll, so why not have an option for it, maybe even with increasing costs for each reroll.

The point is, affixes for coin loss or EXP loss become a no-brainer to take and become irrelevant as cursed affixes at one point (when you hit max) and should be things that you should always take into consideration - It also offers more gameplay change related variety that might be more fun or impactful, and wouldn’t be affixes that slog down progression and the feeling of reward when exploring, like EXP on hit or on death currently does.