Experience loss on death and damage taken is absolutely broken

Experience loss on death and damage taken is absolutely crazy even if you have one piece of equipment on but if you have a few just quite the game at that point, a specially on xp lose on damage taken.

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This isn’t really feedback, what you are looking to say is the amount of exp loss needs to be nerfed, I’m assuming. Its corrupted gear, If you are dying more then it isn’t worth it and simply change the gear until you are max level, no need to quit the game.


Honestly, all the plagued penalties are absolute garbage.

The types all suck and the numerical values are far too high.

The bonus of plagued versus rare isn’t significant enough, either.

It makes me wish I could remove plagued items from the enchant feature (or completely from the game if left as is).

The only plagued penalty that isn’t completely crippling is durability halved.

At least you don’t suffer anything except having to repair more often.

The RNG to get a good plagued item without a horrible penalty is like 1/20 or worse. I scan all plagued items I get, but I haven’t found a single one out of dozens that I’d consider using. That’s assuming you only used one plagued item in your entire build. Imagine having two or three plagued items. You’d basically be playing on super hard mode.

I tried using one plagued item with stamina loss on damage taken, but it resulted in my stamina getting so far negative after a single hit that I couldn’t attack, dodge, or run so I was basically just hobbling around getting smacked and pushing my stamina further negative and there was nothing I could do until I died.

Granted, that was with an archer shooting me from above while fighting an enemy on the ground, but that kind of thing happens quite a bit.

Could I have avoided getting hit? Sure. I’m just unfortunately not that good, nor will I likely ever be. I feel I should still be able to play the game and have fun without being an elitist pro gamer, though. Some difficulty is necessary, but too much is aggravating. Difficulty is never fun for me, it’s just a certain amount of challenge is needed to not snooze through gameplay. The wrong kind of difficulty is the problem.

I considered that maybe once I reached maximum level (not even sure what that is) that I would possibly be able to use experience loss on damage taken and death assuming that it wouldn’t level me backwards and only sucked before reaching maximum level, but I haven’t reached that point yet. That would increase odds of getting a non-crippling plagued penalty to like 3/20 chance.

It’s really all plagued penalties that need to be reduced. They don’t offer a significant bonus for the absolutely massive penalties.

For example, plagued items often have around 25% health reduction or increased damage taken. If you have more than one of those, you’re basically half health. The bonuses you get from plagued versus rare aren’t enough to halve your survivability. That much is obvious.

The players that are good enough to play with those handicaps don’t need the added bonus because they are just parry-killing bosses without even needing to attack.

Also, the penalties like experience loss on damage taken and on death just mean that you’ll potentially never advance (and possibly go backwards).

I mean, I’ve fallen to my death at least two dozen times so far. It happens so often because I tend to rush when I get impatient and I tend to get impatient when I die a lot from stupid mechanics (which is like all the time).

So it kind of makes me feel like I shouldn’t be playing this game, even though it seems like it could be really fun and has a lot of potential… if only they would improve the quality of life in many areas.

I realize the game is early access, so there’s still time. I just feel that every game has these kinds of issues and no game ever really makes the right tweaks (although they could).

I feel many games are developed to be able to advertise difficulty as if difficulty was somehow fun. That’s wrong to me, though. It’s balanced and polished gameplay that is fun and some difficulty is necessary, but when it’s the showcase of a game, that’s a flawed design.

I scream at my monitor sometimes and only game frustrations cause me to do that.

I feel the game has failed (and I’m sure my patience is just really thin) when I end up screaming at my monitor after dying in a multi-phase boss fight when I can’t seem to make progress.

I eventually do beat the boss if I don’t quit the game, but I realize that I’m still seething with anger from the frustration and I don’t feel satisfied even having overcome the challenge. At that point, all I can think is that I’m glad that’s over and I hope I don’t have to struggle with that again.


The amount of experience you lose on death is so minuscule that you should be ashamed of yourself.

That’s one of the plagued enchantments I hope i get. Kudos to you for reading something, not trying it and deciding you hate it.

Seriously it’s like 1% or less


I’m not sure how much exp/gold I would lose on death, I wasn’t willing to try yet as it’s both so tough to get enough of.

However, I’m ok with the idea of the penalty, since I’m sure that once we’re very familiar with the game we can estimate whether it’s worth the trade off.

I’ve been running around with a -28% health armor since level 5 and it’s been ok. I’ve just gotten used to making sure I dodge everything and play more defensively/safely.

It makes every incoming hit count, which makes the game quite exciting. Feels brutal, but I guess I’m doing it to myself to some degree. I killed Darak on lvl9 and that was ok.

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XP lose on death is fine if you have one piece but if you have a few than… XP lose on damage needs to be nerfed or removed completely its 16xp on each hit which is ridiculous.


Jesus Christ, that’s steep

It appears to be roughly 100 exp, or 2 silver, I think. I tried it once just to check.

I use a loos exp on death item - the key is to not die, and if you have a tough fight, swap weapons. Cursed items can be hella strong, it’s usually worth it. If you are dying a lot go level up some more, or stop trying to rush through everything.

This game tends to reward patience.

If you rarely get hit (not me, but I can see how you could do it), it’s worth it. Maybe trim down the amount, but it’s not a bad curse, based upon your playing style.

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Does it work like that? That sounds pretty awesome: have a “strong main weapon” but also a “weaker safety weapon”

I’ll say that I don’t know for sure that it won’t trigger if you still have it equipped, but you can always unequip it and use the other weapon to get through a 20-death fight.

You don’t have to use cursed gear.

That being said, experience loss on death is one of the better penalties to get imo as it doesn’t have any negative impact on your combat ability.

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That’s a fair point, you should be dying less with it compared to other curses.
Also, on max level it has literally no impact anymore

Experience \ gold loss on death or reduced experience gain are the best curses. Well worth it if you roll some of the cursed only enchants. I’m hoping to get all 4 pieces to have +10% overall speed. :star_struck:


I disagree, the whole point of this gear is a give and take, if you can’t handle the take don’t use the gear. Are some of the downfalls so bad that you can’t use the gear? Yes of course, but that’s the point, its a risk to enchant your gear but I have a lot of gear that has small negatives that make it totally worth it to use. That in itself is the entire point of the system, if you don’t like the gear sell it and go farm some more until you get stuff you like, or just use blue gear. If you don’t enjoy the difficulty that’s fine, you don’t have to, if you are getting so angry with the game that you are screaming at your monitor and are unhappy about it even afterwards I would suggest this game just isn’t made you you. It’s a game after all, its meant for enjoyment, I for one enjoy the challenge, are there random times I fall to my death and get frustrated, yes of course but that’s the point of early access, to tell them frustrations, but what you are saying is not a game issue its a you not liking the game issue, which is fine, you don’t have to, its not made for everyone, maybe just think whether or not it is actually for you.


XP loss is one of the best negatives you can have. Save the gear for when you are level 30 and can’t loss xp if the rest is good enough.

Tbh I feel like plague variants of equipments tend to be good. Right now I’m using two of them and it was three before.

I had two with gold loss on death and one with stamina reduced by 120%, and I’ve played a lot with those three without any problems. Now I switched to one with gold loss on death and one with +25% damage taken. Feels ok so far, especially since my build is centered around “life steal” and defending with a shild.

Compared to rare variants the difference in buffs is significant, at least in my perception. Half of my build is working mainly because of the powerful buffs the equipments give me; and I actually think plagued variants give access to a wider variety of buffs. It’s just a matter of finding the one that makes it worth to be used. I usually avoid anything that has “x loss on hit”, since hits happen a lot, but I’m fine with almost all the other debuffs/downsides a plague item has.

One note, I tend to not use plagued weapons and neither rare ones. I really like the higher customizability of common variants and having 4 rune slots is ABSURD considering how strong and flexible runes are.

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Okay, So from what I can tell after reading all of these replays, first of all I’m glad NRFTW community is so active.

  1. XP loss on damage take in 16xp per hit taken, which is too much try it yourself and if you have a few pieces it’s just…
  2. XP loss on death is fine if you have 1 piece but if you have a few again it’s bad.

Yes whole point of cursed gear is too have one negative effect and yes XP lose on death is the best negative effect but if you stack them up its too much.

There is one that is just “gain 8-10% less experience” - THAT is the best one IMO. Sure you level a little slower but with some sweet rolls it don’t matter. Experience loss on death at least you can’t lose a level :smiley: