Cruicible is impossible for 2H melee or melees in general

I finished the normal part of the story in around lvl 17-18. Then I grinded couple of days till level 21, then to level 22 equipped some T3 armor and upgraded the weapon to the max I could.

How ever when I enter the Cruicible, the best I could do clear the first area and that’s it. There is always many mobs all over on top of each other, there is always some range shooting at you, there is always someone throwing bombs and traps. There is always a knight that stuns and one/two shots you…
how are you suppose to play this as melee?

This is my experience:

Do you need to be like level 30 for it? The only builds I’ve seen around clearing this are all ranged bow ones, they just sit back and shoot… Cruicible in the current form is neither fun nor really playable for melee builds it just disadvantage all around.

Here is example from a streamer:

In both of these situations the player put themselves in it. I also struggled a lot in the areas in both of these clips. But after learning how to deal with it they became really easy actually.

There are problems with the crucible but I don’t think the individual room difficulty is one of those. Like this one: Cerim Crucible Change

I played all the way through it with a two handed great sword btw.

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as a melee you a must to have life easily is build up points on file until 30, have more 800 armor and weight capacity point for equip heavy armor.


Try some farming/crafting/enchanting gears and weapons looking for a strange build effect how can break the game.

The hard reality if someone has messed up points on stats he must, will create new character for reassign it

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But what is the solution?
for 1. - sit down and wait for them to die from boredom? - you need to go where the mobs are and they are always on top of each other and if not - there will be always someone shooting at you if you try to separate them

for2 -the same do what? you cannot pull the mobs one by one, there is no save zone, there is always someone shooting at you.

I kinda agree. I play as melee I use a katana. Mix of mesh and leather and cloth to keep my dodge roll medium , I can clear 5 or 6 rooms I’m level 25. It is an absolute struggle. I need bear claws to get my katana to lvl 3 it only drops in the crucible I seen 2 chests the whole time. I honestly clear a few rooms just to level than I go and farm the world map the enemy’s are to large in numbers and I feel way under powered to clear safely so I just wonder the map top to bottom. Almost not worth it but it’s a good challenge for sure.


I already figured out multiple ways to deal with these. I could only record and show videos of me doing it to you but, I don’t think I will it’s too much effort sorry.

No problem thanks for the comments.

And for the thread, this is my personal feedback on this specific issue so the devs are free to do with it whatever they want. And if I figure something out at some point or change my mind on the issue I will clarify further and update it.


It’s just a torture death loop to grind loot and exp…

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Since you are a nice person I actually recorded and am gonna share it. Though I am max level in these clips so keep that in mind.

The specific rooms are the first clip and the one that starts at time 5.30.

Here is my build:


The problem is most people are finishing story and attempting crucible at levels 15-17, and the crucible should have a notice or something pop up and tell you it is intended for lvls 20+.
Bottom line you are underleveled, undergeared, and nothing tells you that until it’s obvious after getting destroyed over and over. So it’s either an issue of scaling, or an issue of missing the gap content to take you from 15-20, or both.

Once you get another 5 lvls or so, some better drops, upgrade all your stuff to tier 3, it feels a lot better. Add to the some decent sustain in your gear and you will enjoy it quite a bit. At about lvl 22 or so I got a faith str scaling greatsword with fire on it, no charged attacks, and it absolutely farms the mobs in the crucible. Went all the way to 30 without spending any stat points waiting to see all the drops I got before committing the last points. The final crucible boss however requires learning the fight proper and being patient unless you have a broken sustain build.


You may be attempting it too early.

I’ve had no problem dealing with enemies using melee. If you’re using 2H, basically whatever your X rune is should be able to one hit or near one hit normal enemies, I save mine for shield bros.

Also, the arenas are all set up so you can get the high ground, and jump off for a smash attack, again this will one hit most normal enemies with a 2H.

In the particular arena the steamer shows, the platforms always lower in the same order SW, SE, NE, NW listen for the chime, as the platform lowers start a 2H charge attack at the location, will 1 hit the enemies before they are an issue. Lure the big guy to the bottom layer, quickly run to the top and smash attack downward.

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I’m guessing upgrading your weapon to tier 3 catches everyone by surprise, too. The stat requirements are super high. I’m not going to be able to put on a tier 3 weapon until about level 26, and I hadn’t been skimping on putting points into my main stat. Or I thought I hadn’t been, anyways.

That’s a lot of glorious one-shotting.

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Don’t bother upgrading to TIII, you’ll find better TIII items via drops and once a weapon is Tier III its cheap to upgrade needing only 2 copper, 2 iron, or 2 silver (plus shards) each time.

For example:

Once that TII item is TIII (it’s cheap to upgrade though). It’s just really not worth imo, as Bear Paws are stupid rare at this point.

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Right, sorry - by “upgrading to T3” I meant “finding and equipping a T3” item. I’m not convinced some of the materials to upgrade to T3 even exist in the game yet. I’ve certainly never seen a bear paw, at any rate.

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I did it with bad gear, only 2% leech and some heal efficiency.

The boss did I kill with bufffood and 50 hp heals.
I had a 2 handed axe.

I killed him on the 4 try.

  • 1 dead no heals anymore, because I didnt know shit.
  • 2 dead because I saw he had P2, at this point is optimized my gear for leech
  • 3 dead bullshit Horse pushed me to fall down like a idiot
  • 4 won.

The Leech helped really big to get to the boss. To be fair: I failed like 8 times while running to the boss because of bad plays by me.

To the Videos: First Videos is hard with so many idiots running around but you can always roll down an heal, they don’t follow you.

Second video is just bad. She don’t respect it’s a time challenge. And if you struggle, you can easily run down and let the Canons shot the mobs, or wait for the big boy and let him finish the job because of aoe.

There are many ways to do this and it’s the player in that case that fails.

Exactly, That’s how my runs look like too. But to be fair buddy, it’s with big boy gear, so not sure if that is something people can pull of if they first start trying it :smiley:

Btw. is there a reason you didn’t show the boss :joy: ?

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I’m level 25. Two handed Claymore on heavy build and this is my first Soul-Like game

I cleared 6 rooms and when I died it was clearly my fault [a couple of time i decided to run toward a ledge to climb down and saw my character dive into the unknown]

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I found 3 in over 50 hours, one on the shore, one at general vendor, and I think one was a daily reward. Which makes them almost as rare as clay.

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you are 2 weak right now. I suggest leveling to 21 and then using heavy gear and retrying it. Here is how you do it:
Last boss:
I uploaded a whole run as well with the room that streamer was struggling with, I fucked so much at the boss cuz I havent fought him in 2-3 days: