Combat, Stats, Quality of life Feedback

Stats Weapon requirement rework

give Strengh, int, dex some other purpose like Strengh give you points in poise/equipload, dex gives you stamina/Atkspeed/Castspeed, int gives you focus/skilldamage, faith gives everything a bit?
How does it work:

  • Str/dex/int are bound to a stat or mechanic every 3 full points you get an extra to the bound.
  • faith every 6 points gives you a point to Str/dex/Int

full Faith players would have more Stats, but are not focused on one, something like the warfarer in DD2
Players which wants only atkspeed/stamina go full Dex
smart player go mix faith with another mainstat
Players which want just parry go full Strengh etc

Like it works now Stats are only there for gatekeeping you from weapon, couse the main 4 stats do the the same they give you weapondmgscale and skillscale, that why thats no real diversity, if everybody can do everything, nobody is different = no build variation.

Or make one Stat “Weapon” and delete Str/int/dec/faith

Or all Weapons in same class scale with same Stat.

  • Weapon requirement should be removed
  • All Axes, -Greatswords, - etc should scale on Strengh
  • All Daggers, -Sword - etc should scale on Dex
  • All Rods, -etc should scale on Int
  • all Skills, should scale on Faith

it does not matter how we do it the problem is

The Requirement for testing a Weapon / Build works against your intention to let us play “different”.
You could even give us a dmg debuff for not have enough stat but let them wear and test us if the weapon fits our Playstyle.
The weapon requirement has to go, Stat scaling and debuff for wrong Stat should be enough to incentivize respec our Stats.

And like i said If every stat can do everything, there is no different.

Parry rework

Parry should integrate a block, like life of P`s perfect block mechanic
(same button for Block and parry. Block for every weapon)

  • Blocking an attack inflicts % Dmg to your HP, which you can`t heal by attacking the enemy
  • Perfect block should be like our current parry
    % Dmg to our Hp should be dependent to our weaponclass
  • Daggers block -15%
  • Sword block -30%
  • Greatsword block -60%
  • Axe block 70 %
  • Sword and Shield 80%

Numbers are just an example
Why: Parry is a great mechanic but the risk/reward is bad, i think it`s alway better to just dodge

Button buffering

The Buttonpress Queue is to long, it feels not good and let you as Player feel that you Game is lagging


Option to seperate doge from sprint/climb/jump - just please,please,please!!!

General loot

Loot is to much in this Game.

  • Give us a standart recipe where we can use all ingredients to cook the same stack of food, dont need to be good food, some restfood for regeneration after fight.

  • lesser Geardrop but more meaningfull
    Let us extract the Affixes from Gear and break it after that, like we can do with Skills, this way we would need lesser Geardrop and every drop could be gamechanging.
    Why: Im not even happy anymore if some Gear drop, its just a method to make Silver.

1 to 1 Gearcompare

  • mouse over gear, left new Gear right old Gear, to compare Affixes

Housing Chests

Give us Chests which can stack more items
Why: Sorry but it just looks bad having a House full of Chests

Option for filling the Chest
A button wich we can click where the Chest takes Items from our Inventory

  • i have 5 apple in the Chest, i click the fill Button, Chest takes all apples from my Inventory.


i can see this game is liked by an older audience, pls respect our time we have go to work.

  • Targets should be shown on the Map
  • No Weapon requirment

Ingame Survey, without reward

Start to use a ingame Survey WITHOUT REWARD
Use this system for getting Feedback about things you wanna change and have different options for us to vote

Skillusage combo

This will be a hard one to explain
You have 3 autoattack animations ( 3x Button X)
one skill (lb + Button X)
second skill (lb + Button Y)
When you use a Skill you should skip one Autoattack

How would it look like:

  • Autoattack 1 - Skill lb+ X - Autoattack 3 (would use it to skip autoattack 2 from my weapon)
  • Skill lb+ X - Autoattack 2 - autoattack 3 ( to skip autoattack 1)
  • Skill lb+ X - Skill lb+ Y - autoaattack 3 (much focus, skip autoattack 1 and 2)
  • Autoattack 1- Autoattack 2 - Autoattack 3 - Skill lb+ X ( Big Dmg window, no skip)
  • Autoattack 1- Autoattack 2 - Autoattack 3 - Skill lb+ X - skill lb+ Y (Big Dmg window + much focus, no skip)

Reason: this way we would be more flexible to personalize our dps on different time windows


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