[Combat] Need more recovery!

Hey there,
It’s a good game, but there is what I feel is not good:

  1. Limited Health Recovery During Boss Fights: Once you run out of food (only health items so far) just as you’re about to face a boss, leaving you with only one life and no way to recover health. That gives me some soft lock-in game, not cool.
  2. Save Points Not Restoring Health: Save points do not restore your health automatically. It increases the stakes and tension, not cool.
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theres a lady at the entrance of the town, her inn is burned down and she sends you on a quest to find her husband. hes a cook. once you rescue him he joins the town and he sells unlimited of the intro food items plus advanced recipes. its also relatively cheap at 10 copper or something like that, he also sells that ONE herb you need for everything in unlimited supply. i had the same problem with the healing until i did this quest, after words i feel like i have an unlimited amount of mats.