Health Rework Proposal

I belive the game would benefit from a health rework. Currently as it stands the only way, that i know off, to restore your health is via crafted food. The problem with this system is when combined with hard combat makes it very punishing when running out of food.

If a player is struggling with an encounter or boss fight they may use food without making any progress. When a player runs out of food the difficult situation is exacerbated as their one lifeline is unavailable to them. This would make the encounter even harder. Which may lead to frustation and then eventually anger reducing that player’s enjoyment.

The game would benefit having a healing item with x amount of charges which can be upgraded, i.e. charges, health resorted, Which is the same system found in dark souls and elden ring. This would allow for players to heal when they need to without having to worry about running out of healing items.

Players struggling with content would no longer have to contend with the gathering of healing items and would be one less road block in progress. Instead they would be able to engage easily in the combat system which is much more interesting then collecting ingredients and cooking them.

Ingredients found in the world could be used to make temporary buff items. examples could be increasing stamina regeneration, increasing max health, weapon does extra fire damage. This would still make collecting ingredients worthwhile.

This change would prevent encounters becoming harder when a player uses healing items and then dies. In addition save points should restore you to full health


I’m curious why they chose their current style of healing, if this was something really thought out or if they just wanted to get away from the estus standard

Maybe if we had food like the new estus, and with each recipe we gain another charge of healing… (just brain storming here)

Definitely agree that this is starting to be an issue as I get further along. I’m probably a terrible player but I’ve had some moments where sprinting through the city made me accidentally jump down, often taking off half my life in damage (a few times it caused me to die) and it makes me worry that I’ll struggle to find enough materials to keep up with a decent supply of food for whatever I run into next.

The fact that the “bonfire” doesn’t even heal you was quite disappointing also.

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Maybe if we had food like the new estus, and with each recipe we gain another charge of healing… (just brain storming here)

I do like the idea of being able to craft charges. but i feel this could still run into the problem of running out of resources. It would also clear up how many healing items you can pick from via the quick heal menu. In a pinch using the flask would be quicker. Compared to selecting which dish is going to save you this time.

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there are also healing spells and amulets which allow life stealing playstyle.

but i can agree… we can SPAM so much food and be barely unkillable when we grind enough before. I wish for food to work more like in monster hunter where we have increase of max hp/stamina and various buffs instead of being a god by eating 2000x applepies. ( will be understable when those was created by our granpa/grandmom but cmon… )