Food and Recipe System

Reading through various feedback on the site, I noticed a recurring request to implement a healing system akin to “Dark Souls,” with fixed heals obtained automatically between lives to avoid resource farming for cooking. However, I can’t entirely agree with these ideas as I believe they would somewhat detract from a crucial survival element that sets this game apart from most Soulslike games.

My suggestion is to consider a cooking system similar to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” where players can freely explore cooking, experimenting with various ingredients and resources without necessarily needing recipes to do so. This way, it would also be possible to cook individual ingredients to enhance their base effectiveness, greatly reducing the risk of players running out of healing items since any food, even when taken individually, could offer acceptable healing once cooked.

In such a system, recipes could simply serve as guides to avoid experimentation and the risk of wasting ingredients, especially for more complex preparations that offer greater benefits in combat.