Food, Camp Site, Inventory

I like how the health items are not replenished after death, and you can customize your healing items by using specific recipes that you’ve learned, especially since ingredients are very abundant around the world.

To improve it, there should be basic ingredients around campfires that you can use to make a simple healing meal, and it should respawn every time you die. So, I would always have a basic healing option available, but for more potent meals, I’d have to plan ahead and use the rarer (and more time-consuming to find) cooking ingredients.

While at the campsite, the character should always get up with full health, as if they are rested, or you could even say that they eat some food while preparing it. I don’t see any reason why I have to use my crafted item right away.

Finally, the cooking ingredients should have their own separate tab. If this is part of the game mechanic, I don’t think it should compete for space in my inventory with useful items like gems and armor shards. Just add another tab for raw ingredients.