Limited food slots/healing suggestion

Let’s first talk about the pros and cons of the current healing system:

  • player freedom, varying amounts of hp gained and different effects on top such as stamina regeneration etc.


  • If you have no food, you have no healing
  • If you have too much food, there’s no stakes
    =the worse you do, the harder the game is, and vice versa.

What I propose:

  • Give the player limited but customizable “food slots”, that will control how many times the player can heal until respawn/whisper/campfire. The player can choose which foods to utilize, 1 food per slot. On respawn, the foods are taken straight from storage (chests should count as storage but that’s a different QoL). The amount of food slots you have could be upgraded as the game goes on.

  • Give the player a limited basic healing food on respawn, say X pieces (X for how many food slots you have) that the slots will be automatically filled by. This will massively help the early game. As you learn new recipes and your food storage improves, you’re not gonna need these as much, but even if you run out of food you’ll have these basic food items, and you don’t need to waste your good food on bosses if you’re just trying to learn their moveset.


I have two items for permanent hp regen. Each is about 1 hp per second. Daggers also give hp on impact (about 1 per hit)
It doesn’t help much in combat, but it allows me to practically not use food. Only on bosses. There is also an aura of healing that many praise.

It’s good that there’s different options, but it doesn’t fix either issue - early game you can easily run out of healing items and not yet have access to other healing options, and you can also easily end up with “too much” healing.