Bugged ring? Different armor with 2 rings of the same armor increase value

Something weird is going on here. Only difference are the rings with supposedly the same armor value add. Either there’s a typo somewhere in the description or the rings are bugged. Both rings say they increase value by 19% yet somehow I have more final armor value with one ring then with the other.

Most stats have decimal values that aren’t shown. So one of those can be 18.5%, the other 19.4% or whatever display approximation rules devs are using.

Dirrerence of 0.5% is enough for the discrepancy in your example.


This. I’ve noticed it pretty frequently that the games internal values are working off decimal and the output is whole numbers.

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I’ve noticed this as well with the Weight system. I once hit 59.9 and was still “Normal”. So even the game doesn’t fully recognize the decimals. 59.9 should be “Fast” but it still registered as 60 in the games mechanics.