Resistance calculation is wrong (-1)

Agilty ring gives some elemental resistence.
When i put a Tanth scout boots wich should increase all resistance by 16
it incease it only by 15.

ex. Agility ring gives cold resistance 23 +Tanath 16 = (only) 38
and i talk about units not percents.

by the way

in french there is no β€œ%” character only a square symbol.

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I don’t know for sure if this is the issue, but in similar games, the % are not whole numbers even though they are displayed as whole numbers. So your items may be 22.5 and 15.5, put presenting as full integers - or any other combination which would produce this difference.

To Moon Studios: this will be a common complaint, so if this is the issue, please allow for tenths rather than only integers (or give us the choice to pick).