Rings not working!

My Ring of Broken Promises should give me 20% increased damage.
But it does not! Tested with Bow and Melee weapon. Ring does nothing.

Same goes for Rune Ring which should give me 30% increased damage on Rune Attacks. Again does nothing and i tested it with Runes from Staff, Bow and Melee.

So its either Rings are broken or its the damage calculation thats messed up.

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i too noticed nothing on my staff attacks. (magic rune attacks) after adding 22% more damage.

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Yes I tested the same, the dmg is always the same with all rings. Tested on normal atks on a staff and curved sword + rune atks. Lol I have been used 3 useless rings the whole game

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I noticed that while the Fierce Ring is has % armor and % damage dealt, it seems like only the % armor part is working.


Tested Fierce Ring with Claymore - increase to dmg does not work.

Thank you for the report! Looking into this now :slightly_smiling_face:


Same, also tested Fierce Ring with a claymore. But for me its actually LESS damage :smiley: Normally I can 2 shot most enemies with Charged-Follow up, but after putting the ring on instead of the Stone Tusk Ring ( only armor buff), I seem to need a third hit to kill. So it seams to be 20% less damage for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same. Tested both Rune ring and Fierce ring. No change in damage. Testing them with lightning assault( for rune ring ) and normal attacks + for fierce ring.