Feedback day 1: list of points

Making this a multi-feedback ticket as we can’t make multiple posts…

-add replenishing estus flask. For the love of god add an estus flask that replenishes upon death. Currently you disincentivize doing hard content, as it’ll use up all your healing items and then you have to do a boring farm to get healing items again. Simply give us an estus flask, let us upgrade it over time, and let the cooked dishes be an extra resource rather than the only resource.
—alternatively, do you don’t have to redo the entire system, have an NPC give you up to 3 soup when you respawn. That way you keep the current system, but people can keep trying to destroy the same boss again and again with some minimal healing

  • stamina bar isn’t clear even though it’s a CRITICAL stat at any point in battle. You should immediately add an option (or as default) to add the stamina bar clearly under the health bar. Put it as a “vision impaired” adjustment if you will, but make it happen.

-give animations like opening a chest invincibility frames. It doesn’t feel right in the current gaming era to get killed while in such an animation

-Cooking recipes: make them immediately learned. It’s fun to buy them, it’s not fun to be at a campfire and wonder why you can’t cook the recipe, and then having to go to inventory to click “use”…

-Clicking start brings up a mini menu, from there you need a second click to open the actual menu. Ie 2 clicks to achieve “clicking start”. Please just open the real start menu.

-Unclear how to allocate items to up/down D-pad: I was eating mushrooms because I didn’t know how to set mushroom soup to the button. What a waste of user resources just because the UI isn’t clear…

-First boss: whilst it’s an epic boss, and feels like Margit from Elden ring (which is amazing), there’s tonnes of visual clutter making it unnecessarily difficult to figure out what’s going on: am I stuck on a corner, is he jumping towards or away from me, do I have stamina, are my hits connecting, what is the second red bar under his healthbar? There’s too much non-essentials, and the essentials lost as a result.

-gear tooltips: I’m looking at gear and it’s quite unclear what is what. Even though I’m quite experienced in ARPGs I’m just struggling to make sense of it all. Armor sometimes says “-10” in red even though it’s higher armor than what I’m wearing, higher weight is in green, there’s icons that aren’t self explanatory and I haven’t yet figured out how I can get a tooltip to explain what those icons are.
Would suggest having another look at Elden Ring controller options in the inventory menu, where you can turn on tooltips and go over each line item to understand better what they are.

-inventory navigation bug: when navigating through inventory on controller, there’s major bugs: sometimes I press left and it goes up, I press up and it goes diagonal, etc etc

-totally unclear what the red circle is around my stamina meter. Then again, both of those aren’t visible most of the time, so even if I knew which critical metric it was, I wouldn’t be able to read it…

-Dialogue during the intro: I found it extremely annoying that I needed to speak with everyone during the prologue twice, even though they mostly had only 2 very short sentences. Either have them say both lines in the same engagement, or give them more worthwhile dialogue to make it worth the clicks.

Heal Aura is your friend. Get it from enchanter and you got a heal spell.

Ah that’s why I couldn’t make the recipes I had to use the recipe, :man_facepalming:. Thanks for telling me