Bombs AOE range is not dodgeble?

I dodge before mob throws a bomb and it stills dmg me from AOE?
Don’t like that much…

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I’ve learned that the bombs get thrown at you a little towards the direction you’re going (when the animation starts). So waiting until they’re about to be thrown and changing dodge direction works - or stand still and then dodge.

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Ok, will try that. Cheers!

Also, just running in either direction away from its projected destination instead of dodging helps too. :upside_down_face:

Wtf is this AOE collision, they are way too big >.>

Now enemies have a effortless ranged attack that are more efficient and faster than normal attacks, why tho?

Just the same for the crossbow guys that never reload their weapons…

(dev’s definitely were the guy with full havel using crossbows that invaded you in DS 1)