Enemy projectiles needs to be addressed

This needs to be addressed. It’s literally aimbot. The only way to dodge it is to iframe them otherwise it will track you through the air even if you side step. So in encounters where you are fighting multiple enemies you have dodge the melee and ranged simultaneously this results in a dodge spam encounter they just spam their range at you until you get in their faces. Ranged enemies need to abide by some rules otherwise they are just not fun at all to deal with in any encounter.

From what i can tell theres no spam involved…mobs have a set amount of range attack instances before a break or a cycle change…prison mages are an exception and utilize a position track like the should.
Projectiles in this types of games are ment to pressure you, so as a general rule one should focus ranged mobs first.
So no i think its fine as is.

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I don’t agree with you, It’s not fine. The game pressures you plenty enough without projectiles needing to be iframed as their only way of avoidance…

By that logic one could get rid of range attacks or iframes entirely…cuz one interplays with the other in essence.

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What do you mean by ranged because if you’re talking arrows you can just walk to avoid them. Throwables are much trickier but then again it’s equally unfair our throwables also have massive range like theirs

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Why do I always get the one try hard guy? Just asking for projectiles to not be aimbot position tracking is fine. Tracking me through the air after they throw it is not. I don’t find that fun combat and I don’t agree that it’s fine as is.

I definitely find them way more annoying than exiting to fight. Maybe give em a higher arc so they’re in the air longer, but ultimately I get hit a lot and repeatedly in quick succession by range enemies.

Brother i dont get what you mean by “aimbot”, do you mean like a hitscan? cuz im not aware of hitscans in this game all projectiles can be avoided
with no probs, except for some true combo sh**but that stuff is tied to ones poise prolly…arrows do have a soft track, otherwise theyd be useless…you can just sprint to avoid them dont even need to iframe…thou iframes exist for that specific reason.