Ranged attacks from enemies tracking/heatseeking arrows?

I suggest that the ranged mob attacks not be auto hit. The guys throwing fire and shooting arrows at me have the ability to change trajectory mid air and hit me no matter what I do. I should be able to dodge them when the projectile is mid air and not have it still hit me or have the firebomb still hit me even though I dodge rolled twice when the bomb is mid air. This just seems like a cheap mechanic.


Agree with the frustration of ranged enemies in this game atm. Whether it’s a combination of their target movement anticipation or this slight “homing” feeling, any ranged enemy being involved in combat makes fights feel a little too tedious for the reward of coming out successful.

Even though their projectiles are slow-moving, perhaps their hitboxes are a bit large? I particularly find frustration when trying to roll in and close the gap but will get hit anyway or if I successfully roll in they jump back the perfect distance to dodge then simply shoot me again coming out of my roll.

Add any number of additional enemies into the mix or God forbid one of the archers is up high at an unreachable location (also often unseeable due to camera positioning), and I find myself in a wild goose chase more than feeling like I’m strategically selecting, dodging, weaving and eliminating targets.

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I agree with this. Also, every enemy seems to have some sort of projectile. It is immensely annoying that you not only have enemies that are way stronger than you all the time in the combat, but then, all have projectiles, no matter what you are fighting almost. Firebombs are the most annoying. I think enemies should have limited firebombs. It appears they have infinite. Also, not every enemy in the game should have both melee and ranged attacks. I also think they definitely need to address enemy scaling. For nearly everything to be able to one or two shot you, no matter what armor you are wearing, is beyond even souls like in my opinion. I have played and beat all the Dark Souls and Elden Ring… this game is way too unbalanced in terms of what the enemies are capable of versus the player.

I assume this is about the fire throwers in the beginning? More or less got to use the iframes to avoid being hit.

It’s good practice for the Crucible.