BE CAREFUL when discarding items!

So this just happened with my pickaxe. If you have something equipped, and also have an extra one of the same item in your inventory and you decide to discard it to make space, the game will ALSO delete the same item you have equipped!!

Be VERY careful as I’m assuming this can happen with weapons and armor as well! Last thing you want is to discard for example an ordinary Claymore only to have the game delete the other one you invested enchantments and upgrades in, etc.!

My advice for now until this gets fixed is to NEVER discard anything that you have a duplicate of. Always try to hang on to it and sell it off first or put it into the Rookery storage chest. I seriously hope that selling something doesn’t also cause the same bug!


Yeah this just happened to me right now as well, happened twice now


I’m really hoping this gets fixed quickly if it hasn’t already been fixed. I’m paranoid now. Every time I open my inventory I’m afraid that something really important and valuable to me is going to be missing!

Adding to thread as this has also happened to me.

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Ohhh I had an staff disappear that I was sure I didn’t delete and now that you say this I did delete the same one with other skills from my inventory.

This needs to get fixed asap!

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Here are some things I’ve observed about the bug. Hopefully it helps the devs:

-It seems to only affect the gear inventory.
-Once the gear inventory fills up to the 6th row (or possibly the last row the player has unlocked), discarding an item will also discard a second item of the same name.
-It only seems to get triggered by items that are picked up, and not items that are bought. (Edit: some say bought items can trigger it as well)
-Once it’s triggered, items will continue to be discarded in pairs.
-Items can be affected by this even if they’re equipped.

I’ve included a video below:

-In the first clip, gear inventory is filled only to the 5th row. Items are discarded one at a time.
-In the second clip, gear inventory is filled to the 6th row with bought items. Still discarded one at a time.
-In the third clip, gear inventory is filled to the 6th row with looted items. Discarding one Festering Earth sword also discards another one in my inventory.
-In the fourth clip, same conditions. Discarding one set of Eversol Knight Gauntlets also discards another.
-In the fifth clip, discarding Hunter’s Axes (bought items) continues to discard others, even when gear inventory is no longer filled to the 6th row.

Edit: I also want to mention that I suspect this bug is under-reported because most players haven’t unlocked enough inventory slots to experience it yet. Hopefully this gets sorted before there’s a flood of complaints.


I haven’t unlocked any other item slots, but my inventory was full and this happened to me with a feather ring duplicate I had in my inventory, it was worse than the one I had equipped so I destroyed it, and it destroyed my equipped feather ring too. Be careful with destroying duplicates.

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Goddamnit!, this just happened to me right now…, i got lucky with some purple gloves i got at the beginning of the game that gave me passive health regen, i’ve discarded one of the same type i’ve got to free space and now its gone…

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It’s happened to me a few times. Very frustrating. Lost a nice helm this way.

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I don’t think this is limited to same items. There’s a larger issue of equipped items disappearing. The way it’s described here could explain my shield and pants disappearing, but not my ring. I didn’t have any ring of the same type that I just bought and the one I replaced it with is still in my inventory. Yet my newly acquired ring disappeared.

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Adding to this, I have lost a shovel and a weapon to this bug! Both times occurred when I had a duplicate in my inventory and the same item equipped. I thought I was going crazy for a second :grin:

Please prioritize this if you can! I’m terrified to discard anything, and with limited inventory space that creates a massive problem. I’m sure many others have had this issue as well and may not have noticed what happened.


Thank you all for the reports! We are looking into the issue


Really hope this gets fixed with the next hotfix.

My perfectly rolled epic gloves along with all of my tools got deleted 15 minutes ago in the middle of a Crucible run as I had to make some room.

The gloves were even fully upgraded and infused so it’s extremely disheartening to see them gone.


Happend also to me several times - on one case I discarded a gray Robber’s Hood and a blue one with some good stats I just looted before got discarded as well.
It would be nice if items would get dropped instead so they could be picked up again in case discarded by mistake or error.


Lost my picaxe this way and I was wondering how did I lose the one that I had equipped.

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I have never encountered this problem when selling duplicates of my equipped tools or gear. Kind of a twisted thing to consider, but if you could duplicate the situation with something you don’t mind scrapping, maybe you could take a video snip, as well as contribute the files that were requested in:

How to Properly Report Bugs! - Wicked Bug Reporting - No Rest For The Wicked

If I can replicate this topic, I will absolutely contribute my own files, since I have things that I haven’t enchanted yet, and wouldn’t struggle to replace. (I play rather slowly, due to being fairly busy most of the time)

@Bongo Thanks for your very enlightening post. It’ll give me some things to consider. I’m playing a character that has just arrived in Sacra and barely just triggered the Inquisition arrival.


it seems like a loop/filter error xd

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Nothing replicated so far, unfortunately. But I did run across an entirely different sort of… glitch? I think… I’ll make a post about it shortly.

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Very strange. I have massively bought 35 of the same item in my inventory to enchant and upgrade them. Then I have deleted all the bad one without any strange phenomenon. And I am doing this in a loop and very quickly.

But well, maybe it seems to be more secure to do this naked lol… But the chest are no deeply connected to your inventory so we can imagine that this kind of horrible bug delete an item in a chest somewhere too no ?

Maybe it depends of the default language of your game ?

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Also adding to this for support. Iny case I noticed items move when deleting/selling. And not in a linear way, items literally shuffle in your inventory and is part of the reason I’ve asked in suggestions for a locking mechanism on items.

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