Equipment discard bug

I have found a bug where if you have 2 of the same equipment and discard one it discard them both. Had 2 common staffs and discarded 1 of them and both disappeared. I had 1 common glove in my inventory and an epic glove equipped. Discarded the common glove and the epic glove was discarded too. Dont know if this has been posted yet just putting it out there.


Same here.

I discarded some wildling pants and moments after I noticed my character running around barefoot and bare-assed.
The inventory discarded not only the grey wildling pants from the inventory, but also the blue wildling pants which I had equipped.
Unfortunately it saved already so I couldn’t roll back.

If you discard resources, it automatically takes the max amount, I believe?
Maybe it’s the same (but hidden) when you discard equipment? And it therefore always throws away the max amount of equipment?

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Thank you for the report. This is on our radar!