Art "issues" and minor bugs. (+ one major glitch)

Hi! This post is simply to help artists out with small misses around, and details that have been missed or missplaced.

This is totally normal considering the scope of the game and is not nitpicking, simply helping.

Here are my files but I doubt you would need them too much.

  • Once Ellsworth gave his speech, I would recommend to put Sacra back to how it was before, with the classic woman announcing things, and more npc’s.
    This last scene quite is a mood killer, the two bottom guards are saying the same lines usually, so you get a double “Eyes up” or whatever they want to say, one is a female when you talk to (Saba) but repeat the same voicelines than her bottom friend.
    Plus not having that filled place with the announcer back is quite sad!

Door and lights.

  • All lights in interiors have a day light currently, an easy tweak could be to just change the hue or the light and make it slightly bluer at nights to not have this strange contrast in the sewers for example, or the masonry, who have quite a heavy daylight interior.

  • For the doors its that dark soft ring you have around them, most simply miss that dark texture or do not have the smooth one, which is present on other doors so it already is there!

  • Shovles above Copper cancel animation, every hit comes with a fists up then shovel again strange flickering.

  • The enchants lady once level 1 has a tiny light that seems to have a +Y instead of a -Y on his positionning, as when you move backwards you see that light flying to the sky.

  • The cool king guards hold their weapon on a 90 degree angle, but only when walking, simply a rotation put wrong there.