Prison Jump Issues and Cutscene Issues at the End of the Chapter

When finishing the full chapter you enter a number of cut scenes. Unfortunately these have huge issues, at least for me. The lip sync is completely off. It pauses awkwardly and really struggles. This is playing with the latest hotfix.

Also my realm was created at launch. The jump to the prison is not possible. Not sure if it is the position of the crane or jump itself that is too long. The character almost grabs the platform but falls. It also looks like the next jump is a touch longer and may not be makable. The auto jump is something I really like in this game. I run as fast as I can and just can’t get it to land on the platform.

Luckily I used the post glitch and was able to advance.

I simply love the game. I can’t believe that for $36 I have been able to get 37 hours out of a first play through of the campaign and I still haven’t finished the first run through of only 1 chapter. And into the end game I go!