Few hiccups I detected in my first 15 hours

  1. The climbing animation gets often messed up when climbing vine walls, resulting in the character getting stuck in a loop of going up and down without being able to move on. Happened to me dozens of times today.

  2. You should implement a solution to “unstuck” the character if it falls into bugged geomtery. Something odd happened with the geometry of a wall during a jump and I ended up inside a tower out of boundries. From there I couldn’t climb anywere and I couldn’t jump and die. I tried to reload from last save point but it reloaded inside the tower anyway. I had to load one of the backup saves losing progress.

  3. This one may be me but I’ve got the impression that the parry doesn’t work correctly if not standing inside a specific distance from the enemy. Like their baldr can hit me but I can only parry it if closer.