Any Tips or Tricks For Beginners?


I’m about to start the game tonight hopefully, and I’d like to know if there is anything that I should watch out for, or keep storing some items?

I would really appreciate any input, thank you!

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Don’t be too off put by how difficult the combat can be. Find yourselfbs good rhythm, play it safe, test out gameplay mechanics and find your playstyle.

Dont be too afraid of dying. It’ll happen quite a lot. Play it safe as much as you can. You’ll reach a point to where it wont even matter much anymore.

There is durability, and dying does cause your equipped gear to degrade.

Try out different weapons. You never know what you’ll like.

Dont be afraid to explore. Thats where a lot of the reward is.

Use everything the game gives you whenever you feel stuck. Theres plenty of tools to utilize to help navigate a lot of challenging scenarios.

Whenever you can, find backups. Weapons, tools, armor. You don’t want to end up in a scenario where your stuff breaks and it’s gone forever.


All of the above are great tips. Trying out different builds will definitely help you succeed at the game; personally I really love having REACH and ARMOR so I can take opportunistic hits and still take a few hits without it being too punishing. Whenever I get a new weapon I can equip I test out the basic combo, running attack, and rolling attack combo to get an idea of:

Timing - I love weapons with an initial move that comes out quick
Delay - Ties into timing, but basically moves that execute quickly/slowly to see when you can dodge cancel
Reach - I also love weapons whose first basic OR running attack is a lunge
Charge - Some weapons have no charged moves, and sometimes only a later attack in the combo can be charged

I really wish there was a way to test out the rune abilities or if they had a description, but I’m sure that will be added at some point.

Oh also if you just reached your stats/level for a new item, I generally recommend equipping it with gems + upgrading over enchanting. I enchant new pieces after I already have a reliable piece and then leave alone, it sucks if the curse affix is something real annoying. But there are some real nice affixes that only exist in enchantment slots and if you get 2-3 you like it can make an okay weapon/armor really great.


Important for after you reach the town:

Your first inventory “unlock” once you get it in the town basically HAS to be +1 row for the gathering materials tab. The variety of stuff just explodes with each new biome tier and it’s okay to destroy/leave a “worthless” item here and there, such is life, but if you don’t unlock at least 1 row for the resources you gather you will soon leave painfully valuable stuff behind. Obviously leave as much stuff as you can at the storage in the town and head out with an (almost) empty tab.

Spear + Shield combo is amazing since it offers both reach and protection, but spears only “unlock” after you reach the main town. Huge reach + the protection of the shield, you don’t have to get too close to enemies and can study their movesets from a slightly more comfortable distance.

You need a lot of wood in the beginning, might as well stock up on logs as there are trees everywhere in the starting location. When you find your first merchant just buy two axes right away and get to work. (You can also find axes).


Farm all the pine wood and copper ore you can in the beginning by the Shallows. Save every piece of clay, do not turn it in for daily rewards, it’s very difficult to come by in the beginning.


Testing out everything you can do with a weapon is almost crucial. I swapped the daggers out for the hunter’s axe just before Warrick and even though using the axe makes you really (and i mean REALLY vulnerable), using running and rolling attacks changes everything. About the same swing speed as a longsword.

Best part is the hit and run tactic isnt that much different than the daggers, but now i have a ranged option and better damage on hit


I appreciate each and every reply, thank you!
Can’t wait to explore.


So, how is it going? :grin:

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^ waiting for the update!

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What’s Wort’s real name???

Anyway, the game is meticulous. Feels like a breath of fresh air, something new, different yet familiar. Being able to explore, instead of forcing me to do something specific is a HUGE W. Having secret areas and places like in Remnant game really makes it even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to see more.

Also, my first death was drowning, literally right on the shore. I wasn’t paying attention to the stamina. I wish it indicated, “Hey, watch your stamina while in water!”…

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My first death was also to drowning that’s so funny :joy: glad to hear you’re liking it so far!

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Lmfao rip

I’m loving it! I hope you are too. The content is crazy compared to games nowadays.


Gonna add now that I’m on my 2nd character: highly recommend getting a level 1 mesh chest piece, upgrade the heck out of it, and save it for the next character you want to level. I got lucky with my feather affix that reduced weight by 30%, so as soon as my new character got to Sacrament I equipped that and was easily able to tank most enemies my level. I ended up going into my higher level characters realm to gain XP quicker!

Also I love the moveset on the craftable staff “Spheren” from the enchantress. Its ice abilities are powerful, then if you affix it with cold and upgrade it, it absolutely melts stuff.

When you reach the town, go to Eleanor shop to buy Heal Aura Rune and put on your weapon. This healing spell is very useful and you can cast it even just few Focus you have.

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When you reach the town, go to Eleanor shop to buy Heal Aura Rune and put on your weapon. This healing spell is very useful and you can cast it even just few Focus you have.

There’s a rune to return to town as well that’s worth investing in~

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I’ll definitely do those. I’m still exploring Sacrament, trying to find food recipes.

What is the Realm? Is it my progress in that world, which can be accessed by my new characters?

Realm = World = Map = Instance

Basically characters and worlds are entirely independent and decoupled from each other right now. You can take any character and log in and out of any realm with it as you please (probably to facilitate easy multiplayer later).

The world does evolve though, so if you play far ahead with one character and then make a new one, but choose to play on in your old realm the enemies will already be tougher and the story will already have advanced. On the plus side if you make it to the town you can just go up to your chest and take out advanced stuff that your previous character placed in there.

It’s not that complex if you just remember that characters and realms are entirely independent and can progress independently, so it’s essentially exactly like in Valheim.

Ohh, okay. What about characters? If I create a second character, does anything transfer from my first character?

Never ever sell clay!!! It is too timeeating to get right now, hope devs change it

  1. if you struggle with fixing gear, you can make another realm and get to the blacksmith on the second realm but don’t get to the city than the fix cost its free and you can switch realm from anywhere around the map and it won’t change you location when you back this can help alot if you die to boss many times can just switch realm and fix and back to next try

  2. something that I found very helpful is for healing I have rune of healing wave usually if you have full focus bar it would use a lot of focus to heal but if you have very small amount of focus it would still heal around the same amount and much faster this can help with food consumption to and can save you when you out of food

  3. at start of the run till end game I found out that its really good to sale falling ember for some extra money but when you close to end game keep them for crucible

  4. try to upgrade the city as much you can as early as you can because each upgrade gives a lot of good useful staff and its pretty easy to farm for wood and copper but keep some copper extra for upgrade your weapon

  5. don’t forget to do bounties challenges and claim twitch drops for some extra loot every little thing helps a bit :slight_smile:

wish you good luck and have fun

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