Feedback on the beginning of the game

I will start a thread for myself, anybody can reply if they want to, but I will be posting here with my observations and feedback as I play.

Just to get started, I like the game already, it pretty to look at and fun to play. I’m not sure I love the item degradation so much… or there needs to be some way to work your way out of being a naked noob at the beginning of the game. When I play a game like this I explore and like to learn combat by fighting all kinds of things… and I will attack stuff which maybe I’m not ready to and I am persistent and I will die… and I will take that as a challenge and keep fighting that guy until I kill him. The situation I am in now is that I have died so much that I have no equipment… enemies are getting tougher and I have to kill them will my bare hands. That is not really fun… there needs to be some way to get at least a basic weapon (or if there is one, I haven’t seen it yet).

Ok, a bit more time and a patch or two later… I started a new world and was able to get enough traction with enough weapons and armor to keep going. Maybe I just had bad luck on my first run? I only found a couple pieces of armor and one weapon in my first couple hours of the game (and I was thorough and searched all corners)… so when that stuff broke down I had no weapons or armor and couldn’t go forward. Maybe it was the patch, I am finding lots of stuff all over the place now.

I’m still not really convinced on the weapon degradation though… I’ll be honest, I’m old… my reactions times aren’t what they used to be. I have beaten Darks Souls I, II and III, and Bloodborne and Elden Ring… so I love tough games but I finish those game with persistence. I will just keep getting up and fighting those bastards… sometimes I fight a boss 20 - 30 times but I will not give up. Here… I am punished for persistence because my weapons and armor keeps breaking down.

I am having a lot of fun with the game now though… I am very curious to see where it goes and how it will improve over time. My most recent complaint is that some of these enemies are really tough… like these tall tree-looking guys with the huge ass hammer thing. I have learned their attacks but I can’t seem to pull off the moves. I feel like in Souls games or Elden Ring I know the guy does three quick slams of the club… I can learn it and time the dodging so I don’t get hit… but in this game the dodging is not super responsive… it’s sluggish and not precise… so I try to dodge three quick times and I get hit 2 out of 3 times. Then I’m out of stamina and he picks me up and slams me around and I’m dead. I’ve taken out a few of them… but I can’t seem to do it consistently. Maybe it’s just me sucking because I’m slow… but in souls games, when I learn the patterns eventually enemies become easy because I know what to do… here I’m struggling to pull off the moves even when I know what to do (or what I want to do).

Oh well, I will keep with it and keep trying. The game is fun and I want to keep going.