Addition of a social area such as tavern and black market

Hello, how are you?

I would like to share some ideas that could further enrich the gaming experience. While I’m not sure about the future development plans, I have some suggestions that might interest you.

Recently, during an interview, the idea of allowing players to trade items among themselves came up, which I found very interesting! I suggest that this be complemented with the creation of a black market, a separate space where players from different realms can meet. In this market, players could put items up for sale to other players. Additionally, it would be interesting to implement a tavern near the black market, where players could challenge each other to PvP duels or invite others to join them in hunts or other group activities in their own realms.

Another exciting idea would be to introduce invasions into players’ realms. This could add a new layer of excitement and strategy to the game. During an invasion, players could attack each other’s realms, but with the risk of facing the resident monsters of the invaded realm.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for the game’s development. I’m looking forward to seeing how the game evolves in the future.


Hey Hellysmar_Araujo_sil, I am good and hope you are too!

I can imagine a black market where it buys from every player and sells it based on the modifiers, and stock count with brokerage commission. This will save time and anonymously work by itself.

The introduction to invasion can be tied to a quest. So every player would have experienced this at least one time in their life.

As for defending the realm, I can see the invaded player may purchase and set timed traps to keep the invader on their toes. These traps can range from binding the antagonist to the ground, to slowing them down to direct damage. It’d contribute towards the copper/silver sink.

Im against trading outside of realm.
I like how loot system works so far, making build around items u got. Not around items u bought.

Hello! Well, I see no issue with the existence of a market between kingdoms. Whether you buy a weapon from a player in another realm or not, it remains a product of your own efforts, as wielding it requires certain attribute values. Moreover, the presence of a market fosters a positive dynamic among players, which is highly regarded in ARPGs.