A suggestion for progression on the gathering side of NRFTW

What about giving us the ability to pay some of sacraments brave citizens to gather a small amount of random crafting mats for us each week, we could even upgrade them to have a higher chance of finding higher tier items. Not looking to get rid of gathering but would be nice to feel some sort of progression in that area. They could even be kidnapped by the current bounty mobs available to you from time to time, you would need to do the bounty or lose the mats?

Love the game and grateful for all of your guys work in creating it. Shim

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Totally, some form of passive resource gathering is needed based on what we’ve seen thus far.

We currently have no way to weight crafting outcomes and after doing two playthroughs and feeling “done” enough with the current content I’ve started tracking enchants to see how the table is weighted and… It’s been depressing at best with regards to the game respecting the players time.

I fully intend to publish the results of there is no change to the current crafting system (I’m more or less hoping we have a fraction of the intended design currently). I say depressing because I’ve “gathered” more resources than are even close to realistic and while you can get really cool shit stuff the materials required are astonishing given our means to gather at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong you can get through content in upgrades white gear but the stat differences between a white set and plague set are extremely significant; therefore plague will always be the more desirable.

Perhaps you could hire townsfolk and pay them ‘x’ per day/week to gather a crafting item (which you could change) and is only available in areas where you defeated the boss. In theory there could be multiple townsfolk made available as you progress.

There would be a 6-item (would have to be fairly small) shared chest within the town for each realm (after passing a certain point) that would contain the controls to manage it. Once it fills, the townsfolk (and payments) stop until a player logs in and empties the chest.

I’d throw a vote on this idea. Only comment would be I don’t agree with the small chest -I think it just adds a tedious element to the game in a way.

Recently housing was changed from the first main quest out of sacrament to just arriving in sacrament. Maybe we gain access to being “a part of the community” after “saving sacrament”. Gaining this passive material option. But let it feed into an infinite chest and secondly let items stack up to 999 or something like that. The current system is just bulky for no reason, imo.

I just don’t think this is something you’d want to actively maintain so why not just let it stack to 999 at which point maybe you can’t hire for that material similar to the way if your tabs are full you can’t purchase additional items to that subsection of the player backpack.

Just a thought. Could use some polish/another perspective.

Agreed that the current limitation on stacks creates unfun busy-work that doesn’t really add anything - an increase would help.

The reason I mentioned the limitation of the ‘gathering chest’ is that I pictured it working while outside the game and a player simply waiting a few weeks to come back to 999 of each resource is pretty lame. But if they only gather while the player is actively playing, then the limitations wouldn’t be needed (however players would figure out ways to game the system, so implementation wouldn’t be as easy as it seems).

Perhaps they gather for 1 day at a time (real time or game) with the player manually paying X each time they want to start a new gathering cycle. Removes a bit of the automation but relieves most of the above mentioned issues.

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I thought this too it would be amazing for immersion if you could get NPCs to participate in helping you rebuild the town even if it’s just such a basic thing.

Given this quite a bit of thought and and wound up 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

Instead of adding a new mechanic to a broken system -why not change the system? I was thinking what if we’re able to spam enchant without needed a zillion copies of an item (IE if enhance worked like an override). This would work in the same way it does now with an open affix pool. This still leaves open the door for “maybe I want a few different versions of an item” so we’ll need to gather still.

I’ve mentioned before the idea of a craft reward in crucible (or something like it) where we can add infusions to increase the odds of some rolls and possibly block others. I think both of these systems together could be an idea worth considering.

The idea behind both is that while interacting with the environment is cool n all, the amount of resources needed to get great gear feels really silly.

I think a system like the one I’m proposing here would still allow for interacting with the environment without the need for an additional mechanic to circumvent the lack of materials available. Not just available but… as great as the scenery is do we want resource gathering to be almost as core to the game as the combat?

I feel like the combat, customization, and story should be significantly more important (time investment wise) than anything else.