Some Suggestions for the devs after a lot of playtime

Some suggestions that came to my mind after a lot of playtime.


  • Add small chests near the shops in Sacrament. They can be part of the shop itself, like the crafting tools.
    They can upgrade with the shop so bigger shop bigger chest, or not.
    It will help in the first phase of the game.
    Alternatively create a spot for the player to place one furniture inside the shop so players can choose what to put.

Runes and weapons

  • Add “training weapons” somewhere near the enchanter. These weapons have no requirements, no damage but players can swap runes without destroying the item, so runes can be tested.

Fast Travel
Add a new menu pop up to choose which whisper to travel to. This will only appear in the Sacrament whisper.

Resource Gathering
I do not like resource gathering. But it’s a essential part of the game in order to progress.
For resource gathering hater people like me you could add enemies that drop resources instead, so instead of chopping 10 trees I could fight 10 walking trees.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful game. I really liked it.

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