A mixed bag of feedback after playing for 17 hours or so

Hullo, thanks for your hard work on the game. It’s very enjoyable!

Here are some bits I’ve noticed and noted down:

  • inventory sorting doesn’t act like expected, for instance, it doesn’t put small repair powder next to medium repair powder etc

  • it’s weird that the cupboard can’t store bombs (and some other items from the same tab in the inventory)

-loot flickers in and out of existence based on proximity. chests can disappear while being looted causing a softlock!

on the topic of map markers:
would be nice to have the ability to turn them on/off from the HUD
have a much higher upper limit on individual icons. what’s the point of being able to mark ores if you can’t mark them all?

-smith keeps saying “warrior’s only as good as his weapon” if you idle close by… haha

some issues you’re probably aware of:
-the icon for the item Lumber Stack is low resolution
-several “missing interaction hints”
-some interaction hints are in different languages, like speaking to some people on the town square is in french
-the iron shovel is missing the looping animation for digging

Here’s a skip I found today:
you can skip talking to the Madrigal at the Seal, by jumping up the wall on the left, getting to the next gracepoint
afterwards, you can skip jumping down the waterfall by landing on the statue next to the entrance to kick down the bridge
after that, I beat the riven twins, and the quest got completed but two things:
-the quest marker for Madrigal in front of the Gate did not disappear, because I never spoke to her there
-the guards who guard the way up to that checkpoint does not disappear either ( I assume if you speak to Madrigal for the quest, they disappear so you can explore the cave with the Riven Twins)

In general, seems like the climbing mechanic is a very useful speedrunning tool. In the prisons where you free that shady guy, there’s even an instance of using it to clip through a prison gate:D

Overall tho, having a blast, been mostly using the Claymore since I found it. It seems to have a really good sweet spot between speed and damage. The sawblade with spinmoves is also great, but the reach is not good enough compared to claymore hehe.

In regards to stat requirements for weapons, I was sad that the first epic sword required faith (22 str, 22 str), probably makes sense at some level, but I think this is the only sword I’ve seen with this combo of of stats. Seems like faith is usually reserved for hammers and maces.

Anyway, rambling… Good stuff so far, excited to see how the game will evolve! (I’m not even close to done with the story it seems, but playing a bit thoroughly)