8 Hours In - QoL Feedback

I’ve been playing this game since I got off work; I love it! Great work Moon Studios. The level design is really compelling, and I love the isometric soulsy vibes you’ve got going. I think I made things a little too easy going directly for the first boss unique weapon stat and then massively upgrading mesh armor early on, but this sorta happened to me in Elden Ring as well with a big weapon + big armor build and not saying it’s bad.

Some minor QoLs I’ve noticed:

  • doors which can actually be entered / unlocked / interacted with should have a minor visual indicator. running around town sidling walls felt silly and same in a dungeon. potentially some slight difference to indicate it cannot be entered right now but maybe later (triangle versus cross, perhaps?)
  • plz just tell what the fusion/affixes do for gems/feather in description for armor/weapon. having to have it in your inventory, visit the enchantress, and then pick something to see is bleh.
  • on a similar note might be nice to have a detail button or something which tells you what resources you need to upgrade your armor/weapon to next level
  • you cannot combine stacks in your inventory, which is a bit annoying. have to put something into a chest and then take it back out. having some sort of sort that did this would be great
  • cannot sort the community chest; only your own inventory.
  • afaik there is no way to tell what abilities on weapons do? just have to use them. no indication which are charge abilities or not (except for tooltip after you fail to use one)

other noticings:

  • i havent tried too many weapons since i got big unga bunga, but hatchet felt very bad compared to sword or dagger or 2h sword. might be just me; it’s running attack had quick release but the primary animation is slow as hell and did not seem to be worth doing only slightly more dmg than sword/blade. maybe with upgrades the difference is more noticable/worthwhile, so might just be an early game thing.

That’s about it, I’m really enjoying the game. Looking forward to continued Early Access progress and I’ll be back after I try more weapons / builds. :slight_smile:

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