15 hours clocked on this game, heres what i noticed

So i feel like after this much time has passed i can give an honest opinion about the game and talk about what i seen that either needs improvement …

1). Im loving this game it has soooo much potential
2). For early access its worth the $35 price tag.
3). I hope to see this game become a triple AAA title one day becuase its that good BUT:

Difficulty, not too bad with a claymore build
I suck at souls games so for people that are actually good at souls games it might be too easy but for me i was able to learn mobs and bosses and progress past darek in only a few attempts for each major encounter… i died a few times but if i played smarter i probably wouldnt have. i dont think its too hard, i think the people complaining are either playing wrong or thier builds are wrong or they are still in the learning curve of souls likes or the game isnt suited to thier particular playstyle yet or something but for me as a 42 year old man with the attention span/reaction times of a potato it was about perfect for me

UI in general
i feel like when i run out of food in a boss fight, and it auto selects a basic food over a cooked meal its really hard to find time to switch my food and its clunky trying to get used to it without dying to the boss… its doable, but it could streamlined a bit by making the system autoselect meals over say apples or mushrooms…
RB to select runes on a 2h build is hard for me to pull my finger up to the bumper and then choose a button so i end up mostly avoiding the mob and then charge attacking after a mob is done with thier combo and using hit and run tactics and that works REALLY well i dont foresee myself getting used to using runes at all for many many game hours.
the ui seems pretty smooth ill leave most suggestions to people smarter than me, i feel like the right trigger for emotes could be brought to the xbox button on my controller and the trigger could be mapped to something else like main hand attack, left trigger for parry? bumper would be better and trigger for off hand attack or shield bash for that control scheme??

1 crash when leaving the cave with the potion vendor before completion
3 bugged out rag dolls, 2 of them were worms in the sewers, on death their bodies stretched really comically long and then they flew away looking all glitchy into the sunset … and 1 wolf that had a seizure on death and would not stop shaking until it was despawned by leaving the map
there was a patch of dirt in a cave somewhere i cant remember where that was glitching out it looked like two of the same textures layed on top of each other and they were fighting for visibility

Aside from that. This game is pretty solid and its on the right track

The only thing that i found really frustrating was after i finished the sewer and i went back to farm mats to finish up tier 1 of the building upgrades, all of the previous areas had been over run with the t2 mobs that were in the sewers and none of the t1 mobs remained making farming low level mats mats difficult and frustrating, as a balance suggestion for that; becuase it seems intentional and it kind of makes sense becuase the sewers are now wide open and the mobs can escape id say maybee at that point(killing darek or area boss) increase the yields from pine, copper, and everything else on that tier becuase ALOT of mats are required to commision all of the jobs on the builder vendor and getting the 40+ pine and 20 copper i still needed at that point was hard and time consuming and i found myself wanting to progress the game but feeling forced to have to suffer through it to improve quality of life in town

I have a hard time choosing what gear to wear, and while i like the green red arrow system, having an item level number to suggest item power level could be an improvement

the durability system is fine, i could suggest that it needs tweaking so you get a few more boss attempts before a town run to repair but i honestly dont see an issue if it was left as is

as with all games with crafting, by far the BIGGEST QUALITY OF LIFE upgrade you could make to this game is being able to craft using items that are in your chest(for me currently its the community chest). that goes for every game ever. even splattercat gaming complains about that in alot of his review videos and it makes sense here too this is the one thing that i have to say would make people alot happier over the course of the game. its a long run from the merchents to the community chest and alot of my time was wasted today running bck and forth

Thank devs for this treat of a game. i cant wait to see full release and how good this turns out becuase its already almost top notch


Very nice suggestions, i like them all. I would add the fact that i kinda don’t like the wait to transform or smelt materials, it will add unnecessary grind to the game and I hope it doesn’t become another Warframe because of this

@ ronin, when i got to town, and i woke up on a bed there was a community chest in the rookery tower, which idk if its thier goal or intention, but its existence hinted at possibly making this multiplayer as a way to pass items and mats onto other players, if thats the case the wait time on upgrades and materials and the cost makes sense…it gives you a sense of time improvement and the community chipping in, youd collectively buy the upgrade then come back from next adventure and things are different and its a new sense of exploration in town…

some times delayed gratification is more satisfying than instant and i kinda like it if its to be multiplayer… for solo player though i dont understand the logic but if they have a road map until 1.0 id assume they have a plan and reasoning… time will tell :slight_smile:

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Hmm yes you are right. They did say that the game would also be multiplayer, both coop and PvP at a certain point, which is amazing. You are totally right, i didn’t consider the “community effort” in rebuilding the town slowly with others people materials!

i agree with everything except the item levels.

i believe adding items levels would cause more confusion to players and accidently wear terrible sets since gear effects drasticly change your fighting style.

Item levels already exist in the game from the I, II, III icon at the top right when you hover over gear. It also indicates how much you have upgraded the item with a color bar when the power level is in between those set drop power levels.

More complete information should always be welcomed in a game but with appropriate delivery so that it wouldn’t overwelm people that wouldn’t like it. In this case the fact that quite a bit of people miss it makes me think that they did a pretty good job keeping it somewhat subtle, but there for people that will actively look for it.

Great post. I agree with almost all of this.

I’ve seen a lot of fans of Souls-like games in these forums complaining about the mechanics of boss battles being too hard because you have to grind (or something) if you lost the battle more than a couple of times.

I have not found that to be the case. I actually find the boss battles and respawn mechanics to be much less frustrating and much more satisfying than other Souls-likes.

Reading between the lines, I think maybe some of the players who are complaining the most haven’t explored the game’s other mechanics. For example, upgrading your weapons and infusing them with materials can make the weapons much more formidable. I’ve had almost zero problems with durability. And if your weapon does wear out occasionally, you can fast travel to the smith to have everything repaired for a fairly low price. There are also repair powders, which I have never yet needed to use.

I could go on and on, but yeah, I think your comment provides a great summary.

I like this game very much! I am only missing key bending, but it will come. GREAT GAME. Thanks