Played during the weekend and I'm disappointed

Was very hyped for this game and right now, after early access launch, i’m equally disappointed.

The visuals are amazing. Too bad you cant see them properly because of all the frame dips and horrible general performance. Regardless of the system i tried it on there were constant frame dips and stutters. Not even a 7800x3d and a rtx 4070 ti were able to handle this game flawlessly at 2k constant 60fps. Ironically it performed better with the rx7800xt which is a weaker card, probably because of more vram. And it was close to unplayable on a i5 9600kf and a gtx 1650 super (as a funny side note the vanilla 1650 is the 3rd most used card according to steam surveys).

The vertical world design is amazing and encourages exploration. Too bad the controls feel clunky. I mean keyboard and mouse as a control scheme is horribly implemented in terms of precision and the controller has drift and massive input delay.

Combat is a mess for the same reasons. It just doesn’t flow. The movements feel artificial, and the input lag makes it a mess. There is no way to do key binds and the combat only seems difficult because of how unintuitive the control schemes are.
The AI is god mode sometimes and bad most of the times. Sometimes it dodges everything, making it feel like the system is cheating, sees you and hits you through walls and different elevation levels and other times it runs through the textures, gets stuck in pillars and obstacles and kills itself.

This game wants to be everything, it wants to be souls like but doesn’t have the precision or the grandeur of souls games (although it was marketed as such), top down arpg (but with a strange camera that prevents you from seeing points of interest at times or blocks view entirely instead of making objects transparent), town builder (but with time gated predatory mobile like mechanics), survival game, farming/crafting simulator with botched mechanics.

All these systems put together and interacting with each other, for me at least, resulted in a very tiring experience. Its like something was taken from every genre, put in a blender and out came this beautifully drawn amalgam of…something that doesn’t excel at anything and is complicated for the sake of it.

Exploration and combat flow is broken by the excessive need to gather ingredients and materials because there is no way to heal yourself in this game other than through cooking. Basically you want me to explore the game and then you punish me for doing so.
For example, I don’t understand why when farming resources like trees the lumber falls to the ground instead of going directly into my inventory if said inventory is not full. Why is this unnecessary step in the game? Why the need to overcomplicate things?
And it becomes a chore really fast especially since you can just mindlessly create new realms and farm for materials over and over again like a grinding bot and transfer them to the main realm with no penalty overwriting any material node respawn.

Also in terms of exploration… The first time you discover the world its fun and you don’t mind it but then you realize there is no proper fast travel and you have to do a lot of backtracking and it becomes tedious. Also apart from the first part of the game the rest of the world post Sacrament is pretty linear. The fact that the rewards at the end of most of the jumping puzzles are a let down doesn’t help much with incentive.

Town building is gated behind a time system. Feels like a mobile game full of predatory player retention tactics that add 0 value to the gaming experience and serve no purpose other than to keep you waiting. I already invested time gathering the necessary resources, why do i have to waste time waiting for the building to be completed? What’s the next step? Pay real money for boosts? Pay for completion? Pay to skip? This made me not want to interact with the building system and only done so out of sheer necessity.

The challenges in the game are also time gated. There’s daily and weekly. Because you have to feel the sense of urgency and know that if you don’t play every day like its your second job you will miss out on stuff. And if you abandon a challenge it disappears entirely. I don’t understand why this is designed the way it is, not to mention it completely breaks immersion.

For me the time gating and mobile like predatory mechanics are the nail in the coffin. Not gonna play something that goes down this route.

The interface is bad and unintuitive and as a result so is the user experience. There’s a ton of elements that aren’t explained. There barely are any tool tips and i still don’t understand what some buttons or icons do.

Lastly, it would have been a great idea if you wouldn’t have blown your own horn ,during interviews, over the engine being created especially for this game, from the ground up, when in reality its done in a heavily modified Unity and Photon Quantum. For me at least this created a lot of false expectations and hype because i interpreted the effort as a sign of how well optimized the game would be, not necessarily in terms of graphics but in terms of input lag and general feel of the game especially since the main selling point was the, and i quote, “pin point pixel precision combat”. I know…marketing…

The game has a lot of potential and i genuinely hope these issues get fixed,. As it is now i cant recommend this game to any of my friends who were on the verge of buying it, because it would result in a frustratingly unpleasant chore like experience for them, that aims to unnecessarily complicate things.



Yes, this was really surprising to see in a single player game. I expected better from Ori devs, but maybe Ori was a fluke. The design thought process behind this game is extremely poor.


There are parts of the game that I like a lot but sadly I have a similar feeling, I voiced several complaints Opinions after finishing Chapter 1 - #4 by Jack_N_Ryder and Crucible feels unfare and definitely not fun but try to remember that this is early access, we should expect an unfinished game with issues, voice our complaints and hope that they will be taken into account by the devs so that once the early access period is over the result will be a good game :crossed_fingers:


Yes, this was really surprising to see in a single player game.

That’s because it’s not a singleplayer game, though. The game is a multiplayer first game and the devs have said so numerous times. It’s just that they want to iron out the bugs and the stability and the deploy the multiplayer update.

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I really wish they would have said from the get go “Hey we will have Clash of Clans like mechanics in our game” I would have avoided it like the plague :slight_smile:


Early access is an excuse only for graphics and poor performance, for typos, for stuff that require mass testing. It is no excuse for poor game design philosophy and questionable mechanics.


And one has to also wonder where will the revenue stream come from since they said they wont have a MTX shop. I really hope it doesn’t go down the route of shady mobile practices.

They should have done a better job in saying what game they are making instead of just throwing a statement like reinvent the ARPG, this could mean a lot of things


I really wish they would have said from the get go “Hey we will have Clash of Clans like mechanics

I have no idea what this game is or what mechanic you refer to.

Early access is an excuse only for graphics and poor performance, for typos, for stuff that require mass testing

Early access is very well defined by the Steam itself, regardless what you think it is:

Steam Early Access enables you to sell your game on Steam while it is still being developed, and provides context to customers that a product should be considered “unfinished.” Early Access is a place for games that are in a playable alpha or beta state, are worth the current value of the playable build, and that you plan to continue to develop for release.

It is no excuse for poor game design philosophy and questionable mechanics.

The game has some of the best system designs I’ve played. You can not like it, but that doesn’t make your statement objectively true or mine. It’s all subjective. If you don’t like it, spend your money somewhere you enjoy more. Nothing wrong with that.


Lol at reinvent ARPG. This is a game filled with poor design choices.

  • Want to upgrade your gear? Go see the vendor, read what items are required for your gear, then go get the items from your storage chest and bring back to vendor. Oh, you missed an item? Run back to your storage chest again.

  • Want to build something in town? Got to wait for real time hours because this is a shit-tier mobile free to play gacha game.

  • Want to go exploring, but your inventory and storage are already full of materials? Well that’s too bad then and sucks to be you.

  • Want to go complete a quest in previously explored location? Too bad you can’t fast travel to a closer point because the shitty fast travel system doesn’t let you.

  • Got a cool new rare/legendary weapon? Too bad you can’t equip it because it requires “stat A” while all your points are in “stat B”. And no, there is no resetting of stat points, sorry. Well, can I just equip the weapon to see its moves, maybe with low stats? Nah, you can’t chump.

Etc. Real reinvention of the ARPG genre lmao.


If you have no idea…then what are we talking about?:))))

As for the Steam definition of EA, id say that its also pretty generic itself and most surely placed there for legal purposes. I love it how people use this excuse for poor quality. Also “the current value” is a very subjective concept.

As for the game systems, yeah, they are amazing. Totally considerate of the players time, couldn’t agree more :slight_smile: Also i never said i was objectively right, its just my opinion.

In regards to spending my money elsewhere, its too late for that as the refund window has expired…and here we run into the issue of my perceived current value of my purchase :slight_smile:

If you have no idea…then what are we talking about?:))))

About No Rest for the Wicked. You are literally in that game’s forums, mentioning some other game. I’m not the one that brought this here :slight_smile:

I love it how people use this excuse for poor quality

You view it as poor quality, I view it as a masterpiece already.

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Am i not allowed to compare games? Is it my responsibility to educate you in regards to other games? I don’t think so.
If you are curious about the game go do your homework and maybe you will understand why the example is relevant in the context.

As for your views about the game I’m really happy you enjoy it. But your personal opinion has little to no value for me as we are clearly not aligned in terms of game expectations, nor are you a dev of this game that could alleviate my concerns, nor am i trying to convince you of anything.

Its sad because the game has a ton of potential, and like you there are many things that i liked…i don’t care about how they chose to label it as long as its a good product with well thought systems. It is EA, maybe they will change it for the better, hopefully they will, my opinion is related to the current state of the game.

There’s definitely some QoL to be addressed here here but also sounds like you’re having a bad day.

  1. Just… don’t forget the items? :smiley:
  2. I am not sure how I feel about it but you can play the rest of the game while “waiting” - or you can literally go do anything else! It will always be done by tomorrow, if you can wait that long.
  3. This was a hassle until can buy a house after 2nd boss.
  4. Also unsure how I feel about “last whisper” and unsure why this design concept. But the levels are beautifully designed vertically to allow many areas to connect with each other in multiple ways; it takes maybe 1.5 minutes to run from the beach all the way to Sacrament.
  5. They will eventually add respec, it is early access. But Souls are all very similar in this way; I like the idea of plague ichor as the gate for this.

I don’t know if there is actually an input lag? I play on controller and when I try a new weapon each clearly has its own values for delay/timing/charge for basic/running/roll attack combos and it’s fun trying out what works. I hear KB+M is pretty atrocious though. You’ll get the hang of the timing, or you just need to find a weapon that really works for you.


In regards to a few of your bullet points:

Building wait times - What is the purpose behind this design? What is the added value for me the player? There is literally 0 benefit to waiting 4 hours to build a structure. Or if there is and you see it, again please share because for me its reminiscent of a mobile game and considering how those turn out to be i am genuinely concerned.

Fast travel system - Yes the levels are beautifully designed, no one is arguing with that but they also get boring and repetitive after the 100th time you go through them. I would very much prefer a classic travel system where i can jump between whispers. Personally i dont see the benefit of the current system other than adding a little extra waste of time. Again i might be wrong, its just my opinion.

About input lag:

I play a lot of souls games, i am very familiar with the concept of timing, there is no skill issue here as i seldom died during my playthrough these past 3 days. There is literally a delay between the press of the button and the initiation of the animation. Its more noticeable on KBM and less on controller although its still there. Its also more noticeable (this applies to the controller also) during interactions with npcs and game breaking during navigation through the challenges/bounties menu where there is literally a 10 second delay between my press of the button and the game actually doing something. Or if i press 3 times, nothing happens then after a few seconds the game proceeds to register all 3 presses successively resulting in abandoning the mission in that specific scenario.

The time gated crafting townbuilding stuffs and how it worked with resources etc I really liked that aspect.

That comes from a guy that loves survival games and I actually think it works well here. I’m getting so burned out on the normal arpgs mainly D4/poe that its just speed that matters. That you go to town sell/salvage etc and then burst out again I love that cozy thing with townbuilding and that stuff takes time.

And well its EA with the lag input etc thats something that I is a EA thing

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On point one, Building Wait Times- perfect QOL is not the greatest good in all circumstances. There is no value to you, it creates a weightiness to the world and the city that you’re working to rebuild.

Point two, Fast Travel Everywhere- Similarly, perfect QOL is not necessarily the greatest good. Removing every barrier to ‘go smash now’ is the right decision in some games. Here, there are reasons to re-tread the world. That’s no good for you- fine.

You make some points, but it’s mostly whinging, and it’s all bad-attitude. If this is such a disappointment to you, begone.

‘This is a piss-poor disappointment, look at all the things that aren’t smooth three days into EA- have you seen the Souls games?’

Go away

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Wow that input lag sounds bad! I don’t experience that at all; must be some weird performance issues.

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