12+ hours: Feedback so far

First off, hats off to Moon Studios for making this game and addressing feedback and concerns.

1. Biggest concern with the game for me has been inventory management. While items having durability has added to this, the devs have given patches to alleviate the nuances so far. However, with that said, I always feel as though my inventory is full due to having back-up gear just in case and minimal inventory makes open slots non-existent (this is more so down to resources/food/potions-which in my opinion should be given more open slots or increase stack cap).

2. Having a pause button would be nice, and I know it’s already been addressed which I appreciate. I do hope this is implemented with inventory browsing in mind though, so I can swap gear/items/food if needed.

3. I love the camera angle chosen for the game. It feels so much more dynamic than Ori, but that’s not to say Ori’s was bad in any way. It just fits this game very well. One thing to note is that at times it’s hard to see the environment at certain angles and especially hard to see enemies that are ahead. They ALWAYS notice me before I even see them, and get an arrow or bomb off first. Because of this, stealth feels very much useless as I can’t plan routes as efficiently.

3.1. Perhaps having some kind of dynamic zoom-out when near enemies or something similar could address this.

4. Speaking of stealth: I feel as though enemies normal walk is much faster compared to crouch walk making it hard to sneak up on enemies before they turn around (which they usually do the second I am behind them, giving them an opportunity attack).

4.1. If stealth walking was buffed by equip weight then choosing light armor/weapons, or simply having a faster roll would make you move faster while crouched.

5. I can’t say much in regards to performance, because it has gotten better but with an rtx 2070, I do feel the lacking performance there. (Maybe DLSS might do something, maybe it won’t, idk). I still hope performance tweaking stays on the list for patches because it could still use some love.

6. Having a personal early chest would do wonders for managing inventory a bit, especially for later game/level items that just take precious space for current loot.

7. This one is a personal bullet point, but might be a well received suggestion. Upgrading merchant shops/buildings should also give shop price discounts or deals, since acquiring those resources can be tedious or tough at times. The discount is just a nice touch for upgrading them more.

8. Going back to durability again, but if resource collecting items (the axe, shovel, etc) had an alert or durability bar in the HUD, then it’d be easier to know when it was going to break. This is a major point for me because an item breaking means it’s gone forever. So having that alert would remove the need to check my load-out after every tree I chop down. Honestly, this could be added to all gear as well.
Edit: Ok, so it seems there is an icon in the lower left that does appear, but at first I kept thinking it was an auto-save, but could still use some clarification.

8.1. Another point to this, maybe make it so gear does not get deleted upon breaking would be the best change that could be made. Other games with durability factors has done this, and it’s very refreshing to see. Imagine having a god-roll go bye bye because your next major boss was kicking your a** too much and you forgot to check your gear.

9. I love the addition of bounties and challenges. It makes for a great way to return to old areas and have a small income of money and loot. Including a quest marker for the designated area to be in would help a lot, since sometimes the objective is very broad or requires multiple enemies. Main quests already have a marker, so it only makes sense for these too.

10. I don’t know everyone’s thoughts on this one, but I think parrying could use a clearer timing window/animation, especially since each weapon is slightly different. I know it’s down to practice and what you’re used to, but it’s a major feature of combat, and could use a clearer usage.

11. Something I would request would be in regards to whispers and your current teleportation location. Which ever your last “sat” at whisper was, should be highlighted in a different color. This way it’s easier to determine and does not require clicking each whisper, since we have to be mindful when selecting one. I personally think allowing for full teleportation to any unlocked whisper, but perhaps that is too “easy” for some players.

12. A post-box/missed loot crate would be a beneficial addition. I believe games like Diablo, Destiny, etc do this. When completing a quest or task, and not having room for the loot means it either sits on the ground, potentially being deleted over time, or requires another item to be deleted. A quest may give access to a new area, building, etc but if you have no room for those reward items first, you are given very limited options on the matter.

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The game definitely already has a dynamic camera zoom, at least when you’re stealthing. If you crouch and target an enemy that hasn’t seen you yet, it gets real close. I like it a lot.

Definitely not opposed to more player control though!