X% Damage on successful Parry

Hey folks, obligatory disclaimer: it’s so early, I know you’re still hard at work on all this, we’ve only seen a tiny part of the game and not the whole picture, etc.


The pre-Early Access build had some items dropping with enchantments like:

  • 46% Plague damage on successful Parry
  • 41% Heat damage on successful Parry

So, first: enchatments like, and like the Block damage ones, is great. Letting people build into different playstyles, very cool.

But I would have interpreted those as “on a successful parry, deal X% of weapon damage to the enemy.” Instead, those enchantments seem to deal X% of the enemy’s max health in damage. So Warrick the Torn lost almost half his health from one parry. Then half of his (max) health again, half his remaining health, on a 2nd parry. Two parries and a few normal attacks and he was dead.

I’m not sure if this is intentional. If so, I’m sure you folks know best. At this point, though, this seems like a bit much. Parrying is tricky, but being able to nuke enemies, even bosses, while completely negating incoming attack damage just by landing a well-timed parry seems like it might be a bit overkill.

Regardless, keep up the great work and thanks!


Got us there.

That was a bug that’s been fixed already :joy: :rofl:


That’s great. I should have figured you folks would’ve already been all over it.