Wind of Death Katana Kill oneself

Hi I logged in today and put extra plague damage on my wind of Death katana, and when I attack mob, I loss way too much hp for only 2%. I three shots myself lol. Please fix it.

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Vouch. Just tried killing the Riven twins on my third character thats using Wind of Death and I just committed seppuku unintentionally :smiley:

Hello! I also have this problem with the physical damage infused version. Before the patch Wind of death did not apply the multiplier. Now it also kills the user on top of not having bonus dmg based on missing hp.

oh no, thanks for the report. Looking into this now

Should be fixed in Hotfix 6, right?

No yet. Maybe in the last hotfix ?

Can confirm. Damage multiplier does not work.

With fresh character at 50 max hp, base damage still remains even with 90% missing health.

The self inflicted damage may or may not working as intended. But as it stands it deals like 12 damage a hit against you if not mitigated.

Luckily in my testing, the self damage does at least get mitigated by armor rating. So that’s a plus!