WInd of death not working properly/bugged

I recently dropped the wind of death legendary katana from the echo knight. Being a person who like “ayaya” content in games, i decided to make a build. It was supposed to work on the premise of me having high health and stamina, so even when the bonus from low hp on the blade sets in, i would have enough to comfortably go in for slashes, parries. However, i don’t know if it’s bugged or not, but my katana does not deal 2% of my health to me with every hit. It instead does about 30% of my health(???), so 35-40 damage with every hit. It is so unplayable that i can’t use the twirl dash skill which damages enemies multiple times, beacuse it literally kills me.
My guess would be my Healing amplifying gems amplify the damage i do to myself beacuse it’s treated as a reverse, but still buffed. As it stands the katana is unplayable unless you play a thorns build, which is boring af.
(Also who would like to play a thorns tanky KATANA build- makes no sense)

I believe this is a known issue but you should be posting this in Wicked Bug Reporting instead of Feedback.