Will the be Crossplay?

I’m curious if there will be cross-play when multiplayer is implemented or if will be add later?


From co-founder, they also replied to my question on MrLlamaSC youtube video, saying the same thing.


does this mean yes? or no?

It’s a ‘potentially’ I think lol

Cross-play gives you the ability to play with your friends even if they are on a different platform to you.
Cross-progression allows you to play the game on one platform and continue your progression on another.

Both features are in demand and needed for sure. I don’t have a lot of devices (only PC) so I will talk about cross-play and online.
Someone will want to play with friends who are on different platforms. If also in No Rest For The Wicked there will be online rooms with random players (I can join them), I would like to see cross-play in the future.
Cross-play also means online support. Below are games of other genres and I’m not forcing you to play them (this is not an advertisement).
I’ve played over 100 hours of Meet Your Maker and Outlast Trials where cross-play support is important. IIf we’re talking about the first game, console players can build an outpost and a PC player can pass it (and vice versa), I see a lot of console players playing.
Cross- play support in second game appeared on release. Online in steam is relatively small. I can choose to search for any program and the game will find faster, but the more players online (different platforms) - the shorter the time to search for some selected program.
Each of us can give other examples of such games where you realize that cross-play support is important. One may like to play only with his own party and look for a party, and someone doesn’t want to and plays with random players.

No Rest For The Wicked will eventually get more modes. After time for more variety of online rooms by mode/level and playing with friends cross-play support would be nice to see.

There will be crossplay support.