Weapon Stat Scaling / Mixed Stat Weapon Drops Mid Game

Absolutely loving the game. Truly.

I did want to suggest something that I haven’t seen suggested by others. In the early game, you do get some weapon drops, but most of them scale with one stat and the requirements are generally on the lower side, maybe reaching the 20s.

Later on, after the quarry/inquisition quest and beating the twins, suddenly the game starts dropping a deluge of weaponry with mixed stats. There is no indication that weapons could potentially scale in this fashion prior with any of the drops I received and most of the weapons now require 26 in two stats to wield.

You should be including mixed stat weapons with lower requirements to get people to scale into them initially so that by the time these types of weapons drop, they can actually stat into them to use them. If I go single stat for most of the early to mid game, I’m probably not going to pivot to add 16 stats into a second stat in order to wield a single weapon. By providing earlier game weapons with mixed stats, you get people ‘on that path’ that allows them to easily stat up both to transition into mixed stat weapons as a result.


I found it pretty crazy how much difference there is between stat requirements for the same type of weapon even. Two curved swords, one needs 22Intelligence and another needs 18str and 18 faith for example. I then had a T3 sword drop that requires 46 str, like what? This would all be eliminated with a way to reallocate stats and they planned to implement that at some point, but the swings in stat needs is mind boggling atm