Weapon improvements to add depth to crafting and individual player based costomization

I have not seen this done in games quite like the way i am talking about and i think it could be a great alternative that could stack with other enchantments and items adding very deep synergy’s to the gameplay. I think it is worth a look. at the very least i hope this could add some inspiration to the crafting and weapon enhancment system for the devs, and maybe it could bleed into armor as well.

for weapon modifications you in this case may go to the smith and alter your weapon, some alterations i have thought of are as follows please feel free to add any of your own feedback to these!!!


  • decreases durability or damage by X, and adds 2X in damage in the form of a bleed(that is stack able with itself)


  • Decrease attack speed by X, increase damage by X and poise damage by X


  • decrease speed by X, Increase speed by each subsequent hit by X or X/2

Decrease Damage by X, Damage to stamina by X or 2X or 3X(idk what would be balanced here

i would love to hear from some of your ideas, maybe these are just inspirations for the devs to create a unique cool system. i think you could use alot of existing functions from the game to create this system with relative ease.

for enchaantment i think it would be awesome as a end game system to not only farm for gear with the perfect enchantment, but then once you got enchantments you want have the ability to improve or strengthen existing enchantments.


Weapon X has improvement of Y%

you could go to the enchanter and sacrifice Gems you collect or buy and roll for an increase in that enchantment( or perhaps a random enchantment that the weapon has if the devs favor a more RNG approach)

say each increase give a random increase of anywhere from 1-3% or 3-6% if it crits.

i think this could give wonderful depth, and a feeling of ownership on a specific piece of gear once you get to that point. think of it and the synergy this could have you get to end game and craft or find this item, and you work and improve and invest in your own legendary weapon to make it yours.

fulfilling and i havent seen any game similar to thing do somthing like this


sorry in advance for my graammer and spelling. I am a math guy. and i use GPT to fix all those mistakes and the hospital i am in has blocked GPT for some reason

this way you can basically make a weapon specialized into a certain area for a great cost

I encourage others to please share what they think would be a good idea even if different from this i want to hear everyone i am just excited for this game! and hearing others excitment on things that can improve is a wonderful thing!

Another one i thought of for smithy weapon alterations would be

Light(as in light weight, or crafted with a light metal, or something of such)

  • decrease Damage by X, increase attack speed by X

or decrease damage and poise damage by x and increase attack speed by x and lower stamina per hit by x

now that it is mourning does anyone have any thoughts?

Razer sharp
decrease durability by X, increase damage by X

Hey man bumping your own thread with like 6 comments is kinda weird.

That being said, I agree that different forms of “smithing” to increase attack speed or basic attributes could be cool

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Honestly i just wanted to bump it enough so that i got some responses from people. alot of people just lerk. and it seems weird at first, but it helps it catch a bit to give it good visibility. Ive noticed if i dont do this most of the time the post just becomes dead and no one ever see’s it, even if i think it is an important or cool idea/discussion. so i have learned to just start doing this for a bit just to get a bit of traction. honestly i probably wont bump this anymore unless i think of any more really cool smithy ideas. i just want it all consolidated on a single post, I do also want to say I appreciate your response and validation on this! I love the game and really love to try to impact the gaming community in a positive way, and early access with devs that listen is one of those ways i feel i can do this!

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