Wanted to share my build. Because yesterday it became very fun and interesting for me

So I always play Soul Likes in medium armor and prefer dodging attacks to parry/block. Which is why I gravitate towards one handed weapons and ways to not run out of stamina.

I found a Cerulean Blade and it is Awesome. In addition to that I have 4% stamina on damage dealt and reduce stamina cost of attacks by 13% from a gem and 19% from a ring. My stamina is at 99. I also have health on damage dealt from Plagued Ring and 1% from the sword.

The result being is that as long as I can hit something I generate MORE stamina than I am using and can Always dodge out of the way as long as I am not mid swing. And Steal A lot of life.

I do not use focus mainly because I know that I will forget to use it and it will just go to waste.

All in all I think its really close to a regular ARPG for me this way, with a pinch of souls like danger.

Yeah the whole gain focus, stamina and health on damage should be revisited by the devs, for EA its ok, but do you think your build is too powerful or not? Do you still have to learn the enemies and bosses movesets to win?
I think the only problem might be those bonus stacking, from health stealing to focus on focus use, game needs some balance.
I dont think its your case though, infinite stamina is powerful sure, but you still have to dodge, its not a one shot build, still requires skill.

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I think that it is Powerful for my playstyle. I still havent beaten the Echo Knight. I did practice enough to be able to defeat most of the other mobs with no issue.
What I do think is OP is backstab.