Good game, but stamina punnish and poise punnish are a bit much when combined

To lose stamina from both attacking and dodging really limmits the combat, and the punnish for it is that enemies can straight up kill you because you can’t move at all. I’m ok with stamina to do actions, but i think base stamina should have less consumption rate than it has now, and base stamina regen should be a bit faster. Poise damage also adds to the already high management difficoulty. Not only do I have to watch my stamina, but getting hit at all will make my character stagger, and with no stamina, I can’t avoid said hits, wich in turn makes me die, wich will eventually break my gear. I wouldn’t mind it being this difficoult if my gear didn’t break, but since it does, some adjustments are needed. Other than that, I love this game already: the exploration, the astetics, the world and the enemies are great. And you guys make the best wind-on-grass/tree/bushes-effects ever. I bought the game already and just want to help make it better. Conclusion: either add a more forgiving stamina system, or remove gear wear’n tear upon death.
Keep up the good work and I hope ya look at this as constructive critique.


It makes it feel even more limited than Dark Souls 1 stamina. Also not being able to see your stamina bar at all times is a little annoying


I see two solutions to this:

Either increase the amount of upgrade points per level available to the player. Which gives the player complete agency over the wellbeing of their character.

OR automate fundamental stats such as health and stamina, so they naturally increase with each level.


aye, I like that idea. Maby also make it so every 10th or 5th stamina upgrade increase stamina regen.

That is why in early game, I am dumping most of my points in stamina and load capacity. Both affect stamina consumption. Putting what I need in other stats to use weapons, but mostly trying to get my stamina where I can sustain dodging and attacking at regular intervals.

It could be something in the middle. Like giving a low level-scaling tied to stamina and health, and then leave to the player the decision of further empowering these stats.

Or maybe tie stamina to other stats growth. For example, putting points into streght gives more “bonus stamina” than faith, but still they both give stamina without having to spend points for it specifically. And again, in case one wants to invest in stamina directly you still have this option.

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agree, these systems are overly punishing. i’ve never been this stamina starved in any game ever. compound that with gear durability and the game just becomes a chore.

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Hmm, this might be the best solution tbh. Let’s hope the devs see your comment.

fre. 19. apr. 2024, 16:17 skrev JackWeebguy via No Rest For The Wicked <>:

Dunno why anyone ever thought gear durability would be fun. especially when there are deco slots on said gear, meaning you can’t activate skills when the gear breaks.

After dropping in a couple of hours in initial play…
Yeah, Stamina seems to be a stumbling block in combat play.

Either it exhausts too quickly, or doesn’t recover fast enough.

Perhaps another mechanism to improve, playability is to setup a reward for stamina? Like successful hits, recovers a smidge of stamina or completing combo hits recovers stamina, parrying successfully grants a chunk of stamina recovery; we are punished for simply swinging, but would be nice to be rewarded for landing proper play?