Stamina Rework that the devs might like?

So just want to start off by saying this game is GREAT and the animations and attacks look amazing however…with the hotfix I think stamina doesn’t belong in this game. I heard that the stamina was put in so your actions have “weight” to them but I’d argue that it actually drags down the overall experience of what I’d argue is THE BEST COMBAT IN A GAME IN A LONG TIME. The animations and animation speed along with the impact of every hit is what gives actions weight imo.

But since stamina is baked into the balance and overall game (even though I don’t really think so) and probably can’t be undone? here is what I suggest.

Remove stamina cost from dodge rolling and increase stamina cost of attacks and parrying. This will make the game separate itself from other souls likes and arpgs. You guys already have a poise and stagger mechanic in the game and that also adds more weight to the combat as a whole so making dodge roll at least stamina free will add a beautiful combat flow to the game overall. Sure maybe retweak some damage numbers and stagger mechanics for balance purposes if you have too but I think just making this simple change will make this game and combat POP like you never seen.

Again I personally don’t think the stamina system is right for this type of game and should be taken out. Since the animations and attacks already feel GREAT AND IMPACTFUL for both the players and AI (enemies) but I know it’s in the game and balanced around it and will take quite a bit of resources and time to re tool and re balance the game as a whole if it is just ripped out entirely.

Given the marketing strategy of this it seems you want to push this as the next evolution of APRGs as a whole but right now it is not that. It feels more like a “way to easy isometric souls like” with a ARPG item system sprinkled in and not to mention platformer. This game has a bit of an identity crisis at the moment.

Thank you for a good game.
P.S. Look at your hit boxes for enemies attacks and player…I think they are way off in certain areas :smile:

I only put my stamina points up to 16 and with 2 pieces of stamina regeneration stat lines and now stamina is such a non factor in my game play. I think the current stamina mechanics are completely fine.


Then i would then argue What’s the point of it even being in the game if it can be trivialize with very little investment into a character build? I honestly dont see the point of the stamina system as a whole. I just believe the devs can do better.

I also want to state that im not saying stamina makes the game harder it just feels like it lost its place after they hotfixed it and reduce stamina cost.

I don’t think my point was communicated right.