Various bugs/issues

Some various issues I encountered:

  • Having two of the same items in inventory but both where not maxed out (should be combined).
  • When using the return rune the audio of the spawn point keeps playing until entering another area.
  • Encountered situation where there was a small chest and large chest at the same spot.
  • One time the game closed when using fast travel.

gameplay wise I had the following:

  • Second part of the early access had another type of herp that I could not use. Unlocked the recipes where that herb was required at the end of my playthrough. So for that part they where a bit useless for me.
  • When a food is used up the food that then will be in the item slot should not be the worst one available.
  • Staggering attacks are punishing. First damage from the push and then damage from the unavoidable attack. Got me killed real fast multiple times.

Something else is that stamina, healing items and item durability at the moment are not doing much for me. Durability is not an issue unless you die a lot of times. But even than the cost are not an issue, as currency is not an issue. No reason to invest point into stamina as there is enough stamina to keep rolling after attacking. Because there is no real penalty to dying it is better to die than to spent a healing item (except for bosses). So I go head first into combat. If I win great, if I lose I go at it again. Still fun but I think it needs more balancing, so that some risk is involved. Iā€™m sure that in the final game will be awesome.


I keep creating new realms to beef up my character because I am no good at these crunchy combat games!

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It feels so silly being able to start a NG+ mid game infinite times xD