Unlocking + using multiple main-hand weapons with Ichor will not automatically make you 'Heavy'

This is a really nice touch, but I almost didn’t take a chance on unlocking a weapon slot due to how tight equip-load is:

If you equip multiple main hand weapons (unlocked with boss Ichor), your equip load only takes into account the weapon set that you are actively using.

Most From/similar games add all of the weapons you have on quick-select to your ‘equip load,’ which is prohibitive.

Equip Load is a touchy balance in No Rest, so I thought this was a really nice touch- now I can have a 1H + Shield, and a 2H to switch between on the fly.

When using the 2H, neither the 1H nor the Shield count towards your equip weight.

Kudos to Moon! I really like it.


Agreed, love this. Debating getting DEX just high enough for a bow to have on hand.

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