Empty weapon slot question

Having the option of using multiple weapons (primary and off hand ) is a great idea
Problem is sometimes I switch to my 2nd or 3rd weapon slot when trying to chug health or potions AND the damn slot is empty.

Would it make sense that if the slot is empty, changing to it doesn’t work?

For folks that have loaded torches with ruins, perhaps LB works when using a double hand weapon ?

Torch does zero damage so it gets treated as an exception ?


100% agree. Unlocking 3rd weapon slot is a single major mistakes I did with my build.
I would very much prefer if it was not available during weapon switching, when it is empty. Or if I could lock it… or whatever… it is only punishing me and imho simply useless, at least at this stage / state of the game (EA).


The game does have fist combat, how do you switch to it if you cant go to an empty slot.

Maybe for off hand it can ignore the empty slot but for main hand you need empty slot.

Also I like having all those slots, my steup is.
2h sword, 1h katana, dual dagger
Bow, shield, torch

As for torches been allowed with 2h weapon I would like it, but I think the game is actually balanced for 2h vs 1h+shield vs 1h+bow vs 1h+torch, so 2h+torch will break the balance. Or they could just rebalance it and make it work.

yea i have the same problem. I would add this: even if you have 3 slots for the weapons, if the other two are empty the game should not allow to switch because most of the times this happens because people eat or take consumables.

I would like the option to LOCK the slot even after Unlocking it as sometimes I use 3 weapons and other times just 2. I think being able to lock inventory items as well as our equipped items and slots would go a long way.

Since we can only equip 1 food and 1 quick item but are able to swap quickly, it’d be nice to also let us lock items we don’t want to transfer during “Transfer Similar Items”.

Furthermore, not showing me Food and Quick Items I have but Do Not Want to Use would also be a nice QOL. Let me lock which items show in the Quick Menu.

This is fixed with a Sheathe option which I was surprised we didn’t get as we are clearly going to fight that guy in Sacrament one day. I see a Sheathe option being a nice QoL. For the same reason i don’t have all my weapons out at once, I see no reason we can’t just put away 1 more and go to fists without having to remove weapons from slots.