Town/general upgrade problems

I find the requirements on the town upgrades to be rather bothersome how I must go back to the same area multiple times in order to get a town upgrade. I think they need to up the amount of resources you get such as 3-4 logs from trees, 2-3 from ores, and 2-4 clay with a higher spawn chance from dig spots. I also think they need to change the real time aspect down to in game time or reduce the amount of time by a lot such as 4 hours down to an hour and 2 down to 30 minutes at the minimum. I find it frustrating that I go and grind resources and when I finally get enough I have to wait another 1-4 hours to wait for the upgrade to go through. I personally think that the resource system is good but the amount that you need to get on top of the time you need to wait just doesn’t feel good.

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im gonna slap a poll here, and experess my view on this.

construction and upgrade timers. feelings?
  • the construction/upgrade waiting time should stay as is
  • the construction/upgrade waiting time should be removed
  • the construction/upgrade waiting time should be adjusted but remain
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personally i find it to be dated design, pointless, and even unhealthy for a singleplayer/coop game.


it’s also concerning; cause normally this kinds of stuff is added when you want the player to stay in the game until that upgrade finishes, and you want them to stay for that duration so that they look around and spend premium currency. now now relax, the game doesnt have such things… yet.
i’m not saying that having these time-eaters is a direct indicator of “oh they will add pay2win bs to the game”, but it’s odd that this game has time-eaters since usually they have no purpose of existing other than that.

not too worried about that honestly, but you know.
still, main point is that i really dont see why they exist, makes zero sense to me.

I think a cutscene of some sort when you upgrade the town would be neat to see.


couldn’t agree more. i hope to see that someday.

I wish there was a Opportunity cost or a Tree for armor class.
And the 2 Upgrade Enchanter in a house with a Loading zone is a big NERF.

Feel like this might be something to wait to judge until after the Community Aspects come online I have a feeling that once we have that it may seem more understandable

Instead of giving us a visual timer and making it look more like a mobile wait gimmick. I think they should just remove it, and have Danos use language more around the repairs will be completed in a day (in game day). So instead of looking at a timer, you’re more immersed in the world and the fact that he’s actively working the repairs.

I also think you should only be able to do one at a time, and as the repairs of the one you have invested in are being performed, you can see him at that location doing the repairs. Similar to the stairwell in the rookery. Make it more immersed in the fact that you are actually playing a role in the rebuilding of the town. I also think they should give him some dialog if you interact with him while he’s currently performing the repairs.

Additionally, I think the upgraded areas for Eleanor (Enchanter) and Whittacker (Woodwork) should be more like how they did it with Mira and Meri (Tailor) where it’s an open door and when you walk in the room it illuminates instead of an enterable door that takes a loading screen.

The point of the game is you’re supposed to go back to areas, fight, & farm while you’re there. It’s 10 wood and then it’s permanently upgraded for REST of your playtime which with stuff like the Crucible is gonna be dozens of hours. I agree on the time thing being dumb but the resource amount is such a trivial thing.