Gathering/Town Upgrades/Ingots

make gathering nodes a single animation, make town upgrades instant (maybe add 1 animation to 2 if you are down a tier?), make smelting instant.

there’s no reason for any of this to have time attached to it. having to wait doesn’t add anything to the game at all, and is only downside. the halving of gathering times was nice, but it just reinforces why it’s not necessary.

I honestly think that the gathering times are fine. If you have a silver axe you will cut down a tier 1 tree in one blow.

For the smelting I honestly feel that there should be two alternatives

  1. you buy an ingot, that means you spend money and you have it instantly
  2. you smelt and it takes time

The thing the devs did wrong was to eliminate the possibility of buying ingots because we are on early access and players should have a chance to try different weapons and if you cannot upgrade a weapon because you cant find/make silver ingots, then this becomes a problems.
For the same reason that all the mats to upgrade should be sellable so that you can upgrade instant. You just pay. And i feel that to be reasonable. If you have your first PG you dont have the money for all this but with the others you do and you should be able to do that because progression should be faster.